• Balz

    I think the link is broke.

    • Rick

      Use something other than IE. IE wouldn't play it for me either. Chrome works.

  • Jacki


  • Mark B.

    <img src=> True foresight, and talk to his 12 year, it is so interesting<img src=>

  • TheJesus

    Check the Huffington Post…they had it yesterday lol

    • Pete

      Yeah, and I saw it on B3ta yesterday. The whole world does not necessarily all access the same sites.

      • JHL1

        I saw it 12 years ago…. I stole the tape.
        The conversation was pretty one-sided back then.

    • TheJesus

      LMAO at getting voted down for that. It's the internet, people…that's how it works. One person puts up original content, and everyone else steals it from each other. I wasn't taking a swipe at the chive…

      • TheSatan

        So why say it? If it's how the internet works, why must you enlighten everyone working the internet?

        • Kris

          Why not say it? Get off his nuts.

      • lapdog media

        I voted you down because Huffpoo is a really shitty bias site.

      • Pete

        Its not exactly stolen. They guy who made it and posted it says, quite explicitly, please share.

    • TheDevil

      thats just ridiculous! what, do you think Chive just scowers the web to find and compile the best pictures and videos just so we can conviniently come to their site to see whats trending all over the internet?? thats just stupid to think that, just stupid…

  • Tim Croal

    This is awesome haha.

  • Chiver4Life

    Wish I had done that

    • ladderzombie

      You can still do it now, I think…I guess in 20 years I´d be laughing my ass off seeing me how I am now.

  • Tom

    Why did he turn into such a dick?

  • passwordistaco

    screw it that shit is funny

    • ddd

      did anyone entertain the thought that the kid isn't actually him?

  • Mcchocolate

    gives new meaning to "playing with yourself"…pretty sweettt

  • GuntherSquirrel

    "Oh charming, no wonder I'm single" lol

    • MonkeyMadness

      That part made me lol

  • suck me dry

    suck me all the way off

    • anony


  • E=MChammered

    Pause at 37 secs and he looks exactly like that self portrait of Vincent van Gogh

    • Kris

      He looks like a sad Morlock to me.

    • Chim Richels

      I noticed that the entire time.

      Also looks like Simon Pegg.

      Either way, he's the oldest looking 32 year old I've ever seen

  • Pete

    "Don't blink" – Genius!

  • chiver

    did you really sink so low to automatically redirect to ad sites now, that is a motherfucking low blow chive!!!

    • Keith Smooth

      you should've worn shorts, brother.

      • Keith Smooth

        haha Keith Stone* i fucked that up..

    • A2K

      HA! looks to me like you got yourself some adware brother!
      The Chive is perfect in every way and always will be…almost better than sex…almost….
      I'd start blaming yourself and your questionable internet habits if i were you. 😉

  • Adel Arellano


  • Thomas

    el oh el

  • Ryan Bakkal

    interesting 😀


    Why does his older self look so bleedin' puzzled? He's been planning this shit for twenty years!!!
    Though, fair play to the twelve year old, he didnt know he'd grow up to be fuckin' Moby!

  • b3nje909

    Its really quite clever.

    tho the sceptic in me, says he filmed a whole heap of random questions, phrases and expressions and cut and paste it to make it look seamless.

    If not, the "internet" comment is pure genius and quite amazing that he had the for thought to think of it.

  • joe testarosa

    To b3nje909 DUH! He filmed random questions and cut and pasted. How they hell could he really interview himself. How the Fuck Can you interview yourself????? Really?????

    • SHi


  • CinematicHeart


  • Cameron Pollock

    so awesome

  • Master_Rahl

    Really weird, kinda funny. Nice work Jeremiah & Jeremiah.

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