Skjold-class coastal patrol boats will get us through the week (28 Photos)

  • wow eeeee

    #26 oh yeah!!! and nice boats too

  • t-dog

    watch out, its the new viking ships!

  • Alejandro

    It is not apple’s fault gifs don’t work the reddit app is fully clabpae of dynamic gifs. Makes more sense to go on the mobile chive website than to use the under developed app

  • Candice Forbes

    When my son sees these boats, he pictured it as huge battleship toys. And whenever we're on a vacation, riding our sea ray used boat on sea, he always play on it it's as if he's a soldier like his dad.

  • Booker Brass

    These boats sure looks like battleship toys and I wonder how their floating pontoons look like given that they're huge enough. It would be nice if these boats could also be transformed into submarines.

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