Soooo…. you got wasted (32 Photos)

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  • Taylor Sei

    mmmm yummy

  • Taylor Sei

    And First with a side of bill #30

    • Unfkngblvbl

      You're lame…..also, no fucks were given on that plane.

    • Sean Jean

      The best part is the woman sitting in the seat behind him!

  • Sam

    more of #11!!!!!1 😀

    • Kyle

      Are you high?

      • Joe

        It was her who probably posted the comment.

        • Andrew

          She's pretty cute, actually.

          • @pud_divine

            I would. Just sayin

            • Gabe

              I wouldn't hit that with my truck.

          • johnny

            Yeah, her face is cute. I'd hit it.

    • LuketheTerrible

      i would take goood care of her, indeed.

    • prpl

      Megan Fox 10 years from now and 3 kids later?

    • kbev

      Adele has realty Let herself go.

    • R.Wood

      I sure hope this isn't a everyday occurrence

  • Ben

    #27 Aww guys.. You shoeldn't have done that…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yeah, heel be unhappy when he wakes up.

      • DaddyD

        A sole-ful prank?

    • Scott

      Those are some nice kicks

    • anon

      I love how even the golf shoes were thrown on… haha

    • Apocalypse_Now

      A kick in the face

  • Liong

    <img src=> #1 so hot head, So hot head, Im wondering if this guy's head get hurt? <img src=>

    • savagecabbage

      Dutch Gold? that's gotta be dublin

      • vegas22

        yep its a lad i know, mad cunt bout 4 years ago

    • Dallas

      Thats gotta smell..

    • R.Wood

      Now how stupid is that??????????

  • D.P.

    Shotguns on airplanes!! Epicness.

  • Jamie

    #13 MERICA #27 Gay fraternity !

    • DAn

      All fraternities are gay.

      • 3:16

        Ya but it's stone cold, AUSTIN 3:16. Far from gay

  • D.P.


    • Hungover

      If I woke up to that today I would just cry

      • Chivette_19

        that right there is the definition of death….

    • SanDiesel

      Easy day. Smirnoff is a wake up drink for chicks.

      • Lozgun

        Yeah i dont get it, whats so bad about waking up next to some alcohol (girls drink at that)?

  • PhotoPhreak

    #9 Paint me like one of your French girls

    • Kodos

      eat more fiber

    • MrStiggy

      *Draw….. it's, draw me like one your French girls.

  • chiversarefucktards

    #10 someone drinks girl drinks.

    • Maximus

      It's called icing fuck ass

      • Gluteus-Maximus

        Icing is soo old, and pretty lame after like a week. The thing is, you probably are the bitch of your friends if you drink stuff just because they tell you you have to. Kinda like if they said you had to jump off a bridge because they said so, and you felt like you actually had to do it.

    • PeteyKry

      Creative name…douche.

    • patrick907

      it is called icing i am a supporter of ot and epic icing is what happened here

  • dettlej

    #5 Damn it feel good to be a gangsta

    • yoursarcasmboresme

      Damn it feels good work at Initech

  • chivekkk

    Great page. Proves two things. Chivers are either douches or wanna-be hipsters and Chivers are pussies who can't handle their alcohol.

    • Dgfffet

      shut the fuck up…

    • Bbomb

      Soooo fucking true

    • GFYBRo

      You are super hard talking shit on here… I bet you're a light weight. and are the dude always passed out at the beginning of the party.

    • @obrien05

      Must have had your girlfriend stolen by a Chiver huh? Sucks to be you..KCCO

      • Tru Chiver

        how can you blame her? what woman can't resist full grown men who dress like 10 year olds and spout off year old internet memes in a sad attempt to be funny? KCCO

        • StoleYourChivette

          You mad too bro? Daaamn! Keep chiving, it'll be ok

    • Petesy

      Oh, you're condescending and witty on the internet?
      I bet that confidence translates well in the real world.

    • jidiwe


    • patrick907

      so you posted an anti chive comment on the chive after taking time to view the chive and make a screen name can i have some of the extra time you have because it seems to me your wasting yours being on a website you dont like your life sucks kcco

  • Angela Nelson

    #20 never does

    • Jeff

      but he at least held onto the bottle…

  • Stanlky Taintm

    Doesn't matter …Had Sex!! Woop Woop!!

  • Taint tickler

    #29 had Sex

  • Lawrence Panis

    #11, all I see is bewbs!

    • mickey

      …those ain't "bewbs"…they look like what I had for breakfast…with maple syrup on top

  • lola ball

    hey dude your head is on fire!!
    HA HA yeah right good one….who are you trying to kid?

  • What_Tha

    #21 is just awesome

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Stephen Hawking gets wasted.

    • That Dude

      he is dead

    • aron_xo

      His leg looks broken hahaha

    • thedude325

      It looks like he just finished watching the video from "The Ring"

    • bubblerider86

      i guess zombies like to party too…

  • Your future ex-wife

    A love of cats and being wasted…I think I love you, Mac.

  • Luke

    Every one of these stories the next day begin with "what had happened was…"

  • Bbomb

    Not first

    • DaddyD

      Still douche bag

  • sauce boss

    im drunk write now

    • aron_xo


      • sauce boss

        fuck off i'm trying to sound cool on the internet.

  • elric619

    #19 are you telling my you got wasted on Hard Apple Cider??? my wife drinks that.

    • JcJ

      your wife is a lesbian..

    • Batman

      That's funny because she was the one who gave me the bottle.

  • BabyFart=ectrr

    Please #11 FIND HER, MOAR!!, DAMN SHE IS HOT, Am I close yet? Still a better love story than Twilight. Babyfart<suck me dry. I know this is an idiotic comment. P.S. Paula, all your eggs just hatched and they have Johns smile??

    • aLiN

      She's fat dude 🙂

      • odder

        they're usually more enthusiastic about sex in my experience

      • Shannon Coverdale

        You know how I can tell you are gay?

        • Kristen

          Is it because he has a girls' name…oh, wait.

  • Jayrokk

    A true trooper

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