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Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

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  • fits

    #37 #40 Shaq dropped his bag of rock before picking up his girl

  • Sanders

    #42… Felice Fawn. You're welcome

  • Tk171

    #6 #24. God bless the Navy!!

  • Michael Piterniak

    It takes time but #47 I can lick this freckles right off of you if you need it. Call me.

  • Annie

    #28 I literally laughed out loud…

  • @Duzzman1hund

    in love wih tha body #9❤

  • chris

    # 24 and 29 moar!

  • just4fun88

    #26 seriously what the fuck is wrong with you oO

  • David Guzman

    #47 You had me at Shock Top and Star Wars. The rest was just a Godsend.

  • rileysrandomreview

    #16 *ANY generation

  • doop

    #33 "I told you I'd find you"

  • Sade

    #11 is awesome.

  • BILL

    @ friends i find some hot sexy photos may b u have never c those go to following

  • Oscar

    #6 #24 I have the sudden urge to enlist.

    • Anomanom

      They want you! They want you! They want you as a new recruit!

  • Mo

    #43 wtf somone go strangle that kid like he’s doing to the baby chick

  • EvilMichael

    #6 BRAVO ZULU!

  • GB_

    #45 Needs more waterfalls and sandwiches. Still pretty awesome tho.

  • Bryan_W

    #20 Nom nom nom

  • Danno Maurer

    #13 This IS an alcoholic drink…it's called a grasshopper and you simply put whip cream on top.

  • Eduliborio

    Those freckles… #10

  • Petey

    #24 GEEZUS! Worth the push ups!

  • Self_made00

    #24 moar!!! Where is she stationed?!

  • Sweet joe samson

    #36 WHO?!

  • jt1120

    #9 Lost me with the tats, babe, sorry. look at it this way, our grandkids are gonna laugh at you. Couldn't handle that.

  • Bob

    #9…Your tattooswitched sides, just to let you know.
    #40…You know why she's with him, right?? Because he's got a huge diploma.
    #42…Where are these women??

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