• boob_cuddle

    Half skills half luck!

    • Jimmy

      You think 50% skill….LOL !

      • boob_cuddle

        50% skill avoiding the wreck and 50% luck when the car went into wet grass where there is zero traction.

        • Jethro

          wouldn't that still be skill, due to the fact that he didnt over-steer too much. that was pure skill.

          when you know your limitations and don't cross them, even in adverse weather and top speeds, that is skill

  • geoff

    dont think holy shit is enough

  • nvi

    why were they racing in those weather conditions in the first place? your just asking for someone to get killed.

    • JPL

      Indeed there is a rational justification to end the race on safety issue. However given that Formula 2 is a development series for younger drivers and that Formula 1 racing takes places even under rainy conditions, Formula 2 allows the young pilots to develop themselves under similar conditions.

      Formula 1 and 2 do get cancelled for rain delays, but only when the volume of rain per minute passes a certain threshold. If i am not mistaking, Formula 1 also seeks the safety input on weather issues from a former driver who acts as a special commissioner.

      It does take courage and a certain degree of insanity to drive at such speeds in the rain…

      It sure isn’t’ nascar!!!!

      • the_mike

        "However given that Formula 2 is a development series for younger drivers and that Formula 1 racing takes places even under rainy conditions, Formula 2 allows the young pilots to develop themselves under similar conditions. "

        Or weeds out the guys that don't have mad skills like this dude, Ala Darwinism.

        • JPL

          LOL. +1 point for you The_mike

      • OnOneWheel24

        "It sure isn't nascar" my favorite quote on here so far

      • WTF Mate

        NASCAR has enough respect for their drivers to not want to see them killed!!! That is stupid justification for keeping a race going; it "takes courage". It may, but it also takes equal parts stupidity. Track officials are gambling with lives. NASCAR has no desire to subject the people at the track and those watching on live TV to the death of one of their beloved drivers.

        There is a reason why yellow flags now immediately freeze the field and call for drivers to slow down to a regulated speed instead of racing to the start/finish line. The amount of accidents caused by the race to the start/finish that still occur in F1 vs. NASCAR after the yellow flag is thrown is staggering. F1 is behind safety standards that NASCAR has already implemented. NASCAR has already changed rules for safety concerning rain and yellow flags. I hope F1 does also. Hopefully F1 will get there at some point, God knows we don't want to see a repeat of IndyCar in Vegas (Yes, I know that had nothing to do with rain), or the accidents of old in NASCAR (aka, peddle to the floor through the smoke).

        I see your argument, I just do not think that it is putting the right emphasis where it belongs. If we want to see these KIDS make it from F2 to F1, we need to make sure they walk off the track and aren't hauled away in body bags.

        -NASCAR and F1 Fan from Cali

    • francesco

      dude, that's Belgium..

      if the rain falls straight it's nice weather 🙂

    • ariga

      That track is an exception to how most tracks react to poor conditions. This took place at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. That particular spot on this track is notorious for poor visibility as the trees on the side of the track really stop the moisture from escaping. He had just gone thru Eau Rouge and was on Kemmel Straight. There is enough visibility during the race for it to continue. I've driver through similar conditions but not at 150mph. There were no yellow flags but it appears there was a car stopped off the track. This is real racing. Bad conditions mean the cream rises to the crop. Look at Senna in 84 at Monaco or Vettel at Monza 2008. Slower cars driven by great drivers beat faster cars because they can use the reduced grip in the wet to their advantage.

      • OnOneWheel24

        I didn't realize there were so many other F1 fans here on the chive!

    • Usa retard nation

      Hahaha typical American to think that a race should only be under perfect weather like in Nascar and IRL. There is pilots who knows how to drive in the other countries you are so ignorant about. And they don't just drive around a oval like a big 300km/h parking lot.

      • Usa retard nation

        Can't convert km/h to mp/h? That's surprising… It is approximately 200 (19th century) miles per hour

        • emu90

          why should he convert it? no one else felt the need to convert from mph to km/h, even though km/h is more commonly used across the globe, if you want it in a different unit, convert it yourself.

      • Matty

        As an american who has loved racing since i was a young boy, fuck you. I fallow real racing, i.e. GT, touring cars, F1, rally, racing with both left, and right hand turns. As for NASCAR and IRL, i honestly cant stand it, but if you dont think it still takes loads of skill youre a dumbass.

    • Tru Chiver

      how dare you bring common sense to the chive! thumbs down! KCCO

  • Alfred

    19!?!?!?!? How do I get THAT job!?!?

    • tornpantz


    • Global

      My buddy did this at the age of 15. He spun out on track and said all he could do was put his hands on his nees and wait for it to stop. Hewaa sponsored by Mel B's brother. You can always do this Aslong as you have other money or a decent sponsor.

  • Seanypat

    A video representation of how to KCCO.

    • Tim

      If I could thumbs down this comment a thousand times, I would.

      This KCCO crap constantly being spewed is retarded and has made this site a million times worse.

      • furburger


      • The Pict

        I have a solution for your issue: Go away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamboredatwork MasterDrank


    • Usa retard nation

      They don't call for Jesus when having a difficult situation to resolve quickly elsewhere in the world. That is why they got the skills to recover a F2 car from crashing a wall

  • https://www.facebook.com/kyle.antonucci.3 Kyle Antonucci

    Keep Calm and Drive On

    • US Chivette

      keep calm and whore on.

  • Big_Okie

    That's why when people always say, "Oh, racing's not that hard, just go fast and turn." that they just don't understand that there actually is a LOT of skill involved. That was cool!

    • Decorum

      I thought people usually say that regarding NASCAR which actually is just what you described.

      • Tim

        You should hop out there and do it, then. There's millions of dollars to be made, and any schmuck can NASCAR.

    • big maywap

      No formula 1 is hard. red neck nascar isnt…thats circles on ongoing circles for 500 CIRCLES DUDE! BIG DIFFRENCE

  • http://twitter.com/Thogert @Thogert

    I think I would need a new pair of underpants after that.

    • Victoria BC Chiver

      nah, you wouldn't need to..it was raining remember?open car? soaked clothes? heck, you could even pretend it was the champagne you would be shaking later on..not to mention that the gas and oil fumes would mask the smell..lol..im grossing even myself out with these comments..dont mind me, its way past my bedtime..KCCO!

  • Brother Maynard

    99.9999999% of drivers would have stuffed into the back of the car or into the wall. Very good car control.

  • Brad

    I shit myself for him

  • Justin

    One of the many reasons why Indy Car is so much better than NASCAR.

    Rain? Challenge Excepted!

    • Tmart

      You must be a big Indy Car fan.

    • Josh

      This was Formula 2. Not Indy. And there are like, what, 6 Indy Car fans? C'mon.

    • Bruins chiver


    • Tim

      Indy does mostly oval track races. Formula 1 is amazing, though.

    • Matty

      How do people still not get that all open wheel racers are not the same damn thing. This is not indy, it is formula 2. Its kind of like minor league F1. If this was indy, they would be going in a circle.

  • Maverick289

    The swerve isn't the impressive part, it's the fact that he didn't lose it in the grass. Holy shit!!!

    • Tim

      The swerve is impressive just for the reaction time, the fact that he didn't wipe out shows just how good this kid is.

  • nerfherder

    When I was 19, I was driving a 1982 Honda Civic.

    • KillinTime

      I'm 26 and still driving a 93' civic. Just got 100k miles on it. Gonna get a fully loaded tacoma next year tho. Can't wait. The civic is kind of a cock blocker.

    • Powder Blue

      same. with the stupid plastic bowl in between the backseats…

  • dave

    Is the Keystone douchebag supposed to be funny?

    • Jon

      Probably not if you wear capris.

  • Bread Brizzle

    And he managed to move up like 5 positions!

    • jimmy

      haha, yea I was just going to comment to that effect. Just misses a crash and moves up through the field while fishtailing on the grass. Boss level.

    • chris_ninety1

      Chances are they were probably behind a safety car at the time (hence why there was a queue of cars) and he would have duly had to give the positions back. Still, take nothing away from the guy, that was damn quick reflexes, especially when you add that I couldn't see any marshalls flags (unless I missed them) meaning he'd have had no reason to expect anything to be ahead.

      He's also damn lucky it didn't happen at the previous corner, Eau Rouge, because it's absolutely lethal if you drift off line.

    • WTF Mate

      Moving up 5 Positions is almost unheard of in a F2 race… sooooo boring!!!

  • Static

    unreal reflexes! well played Dino.

  • Mark B.

    <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/hotels/cpi.jpg>holy great, So exciting, if I have XXX technology, I would also want to play <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/aquarius/ndu.jpg>

  • AkRsWagon

    Misses a huge wreck, checks to see if the cars alright, then gets back on the power, awesome

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    i shit myself, and i wasn't driving. holy shit.

  • JDemkes

    Keep Calm and Drive On !!!

  • PapaB

    all I have to say is nothing. . . I'm speechless. This kid has his shit together man. I'd have pissed and shit myself, but no this kid swerves out of the way, power slides through the grass, sees his position go up by at least 3–from how many I counted he passed as this was going down–, power slides back on the track, collects his things, straightens out, and proceeds to kick ass and take names. . . God bless this kid

  • Logan

    If you watch the video again he notices the water on the track in front of him. You can tell there was a spin out on the track so he had some warning. Still very impressive car control!!

    • Bill

      yeah, i saw that too.

    • guest

      yeah, could have heard about a pile-up on the radio as well, then he noticed the water and tire tracks from the cars ahead indicating the spin out.

  • Nicolas

    On Spa-Francorchamps race track in Belgium….

    • Tom

      My home country! The most beautiful circuit in the world! 🙂

      • Matty

        I do love Spa, but i will always be partial to Le Sarthe 🙂

  • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.allton Daniel Allton

    F1 only stops for rain when Fernando Alonso cries enough, then FIA stops it.

    • Matty

      F1 has always had a history of doing whatever the hell their stars' ask of them. Total b.s. in my book, especially since it has robbed drivers of wins and even championships due to the bitching and whining of "top" drivers.

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