So we got wasted. theCHIVE’s NYC Meetup (52 HQ Photos)

Last week, theCHIVERS rolled into Manhattan for our NYC Meetup. We'd like to thank Slate and their amazing staff for hosting the meetup and Off the Wagon for hosting the debaucherous after party. Sorry about clearing your shelves of all the booze.

Most importantly, we want to thank all the Chivers we met all over NY. From the local bars to Central Park, and finally the Meetup, we're definitely humbled by all of this.

When we first started hosting these meetups in Chicago a year ago, we had no idea how big they would become. But one common thread that has been carried through all these gatherings is the positive energy the Chivers bring to the party, you can literally feel it in the air. We're one of the first online communities that's actualized in real life. And what a community it's become…

We're going to be hosting these meetups more and more, at least as long as y'all will have us. Many more glasses will be raised.

Next stop, Comic-Con. Big news on that tomorrow.


John n' Leo

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