This is stupidity you can’t buy (2 Photos)

  • babyfartmagizax

    #2 What a shithead

    • It's a trap

      Very insightful commentary….

      • MikeOverHere

        Yours on the other hand…

        • steve

          way to keep the trend going, MikeOverHere.

    • savagecabbage

      It's baby fark magee zax… Shithead

    • OIjre

      you and him should totally get together and kiss.

    • Frank M

      Unfortunately this guy will breed like a rabbit creating a shitload of imbeciles & dooming society to an Idiocracy-type future.

  • jeb

    #2 this is the kind of stupid that you just want to slap in the face…

    • Vent187

      And straighten out his stupid ass hat..

    • Darf McMillderpants

      This is the kind of stupid that will slap itself in the face.

  • Andy Valentine

    You know this happened way back in April, right?

    • 6655321

      When it was posted the first time.

    • Fyounerd

      Whoa really. You must be up to date on your gas siphoning news. You just have to be "that guy"

    • Lopez

      Thanks for the clarification. Now go find a girlfriend.

      • Andy Valentine

        Not sure how my wife would feel about that, but ok.

        • guest

          Let me ask her…no, she doesn't mind.

        • Oink Valentine

          How many times do you have to be told? Just because you put a wig on a pig and call it "Mrs. Valentine" it doesn't mean you're married.

          • Ron Swanson

            butthurt chivers. butthurt chivers everywhere.

    • Poncho

      I know, fuckin idiots at chive.

      • 0398

        hey, it's not the chive's fault. they have to wait until it's posted on Reddit first.

  • pete

    he said FUCK the POLICE

    then the police said DUMBASS

  • MigraineBoy

    #2 Stupid is as stupid does…

    • LDaus

      Just cause I talk slow, don't mean I'm stooopid… except for this time

  • Cap'n

    Look at the size of that hose…

    • Joe Meade

      I've heard that before….

      • oiueg

        *followed by raucous laughter*

  • dude

    What a fucking dipshit!

  • Facefucked

    He's from Kentucky. Nuff said

    • Jerk

      What, cause you've ever been here?? There are stupid people everywhere.

      • KFC

        especially in Kenctucky. that's what happens when your sister is also your mother.

    • Lunch_Box

      Where are you from?

    • Alex McGlone

      I accidentally upvoted this comment, so I would like to let everyone know that you're an idiot.

    • Kris

      Go fuck yourself.

    • Ashly

      Fuck you.

      I'm from Kentucky and a lot of us would never do something so fucking stupid. There are stupid people everywhere. You're probably an idiot yourself considering you are stupid enough to buy into stereotypes of people.

      • Teh Yorker

        says he's an idiot for following stereotypes after stereotyping him. lol silly Kentuckians.

  • joe


    • Jasper

      While I agree that this might be "old" this is not the thing that typically comes across the desk (or in this case desktop) of someone who has something better to do with their time than troll the internet for every dumbass thing that happens every day. It isn't like this asshole was going to affect change in this (or any) country.

      I, for one, appreciate the "old" things that come across that are inconsequential to my life. This jackass who got arrested for being a dumbass falls into that category. Thanks chive for filling me in on random happenings around the country that slip through the Reuters cracks!

      • Mitchell Townley

        I am with you 100% brother, some people do have jobs and lives, and the Chive does a great job showing us these funnies, who cares if it's a little late 😛 at least we can see it. That and thinks get lost due to that crack in the wall over there…

        • Jasper

          thanks and I completely agree. I, for one once again, enjoy thechive because they don't make me continuously click through endless galleries just to pick up hits on every goddamned gallery. They package everything in a neat little format that allows me to click, laugh, close window. End of story.

          • Jasper

            and boobs.

            • Mitchell Townley

              Can't forget teh boobies 🙂

        • Pirate

          Holy shit is that a Tardis mug?

          • Mitchell Townley

            Yes that is a Tardis mug 🙂 Glad someone noticed 😛

            • Pirate


  • jjlib89

    he fought the law and the law won

  • @Thedude_1620

    oh thats good stuff

  • Shannon Coverdale

    You can't fix stupid

    • Un-impressionable

      Yes, you can, it requires a .38cal or a knife

    • Mrs. Bob Coverdale

      don't talk about our son that way, Shannon.

  • lentinant


    • fish

      You spelled Redneck wrong.

      • Julia


    • guest

      I see what you did there…nice.

  • Scott

    Meanwhile in 'Merica #2

    • Oli

      This is classic "meanwhile in 'merica"!!! ..sorry for all the thumbs down, my guess is that they are from non regular chivers

  • jwincman

    Can you say "SFB!"

    • guest


  • KillinTime

    According to supply and demand, stupidity is dirt cheap right now.

    • Tru Chiver

      of course. how else would the chive be so popular? KCCO

  • Guy on a Buffalo

    Glad to be an Kentuckian.

  • Piker

    The jig is up, the news is out, they finally found me…

  • Livin' Legend

    This needs to become a Photoshop contest.

  • jeremy

    He is still the third smartest guy in the state…1. col. sanders (dead but still #1) 2. uncle jessie (of duke boys fame) 3. and this dildo

    • 99mike

      Uncle Jesse and the Duke boys were from Hazzard County GEORGIA…not Kentucky. IJS

    • the_mike

      Dukes of Hazzard was set in Georgia….

    • dude

      so where do Abe Lincoln, Jonny Depp and George Cloney fall?

  • cels0_o

    Stupidity level redneck

  • Uh oh

    Please cut off his sperm supply.

    • Kristen

      No way…all those other inmates out on the street. Fuck that.

  • TheTexan

    Steal gas from cop car + police take your freedom = Well deserved DUMB ASS!

  • dragos

    lol this reminds me a lot of the Vancouver riots

  • Mr. Fappy

    He's the product of a whole lot of cousin fucking

    • steve


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