This is stupidity you can’t buy (2 Photos)

  • dailyfun

    that's what happens with rednecks on facebook.. they get arrested :))

  • 99mike

    the only way this could have been better is if he had had a lit cigarette in his hand while doing this.

  • SchwartzEdith

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    • Jack o' lantern

      you also able to suck my burning pecker?

  • Zack

    Kentucky representing!

  • scott


  • Bretsinclair

    Well despite being a rather stupid thing to do… and even more stupid thing to post it with your own face… I think people who have encouraged telling on this poor idiot are really stupid themselves. Only in the US you can tell on others and get rewarded…

  • @lackofabetter

    Just say it was a joke and you didnt actually take any gas. Its not a crime to pose next to a cop car

  • tinyonwirk

    LOL this is pretty funny

  • PoopleDinosawr

    #1 #2 I'm posting photos just so you know to what I'm referring. Also, Justine Beaver is gay.

  • Idiot breeds true

    Did you know this has been seen before? Like totally back in April/May/January/October/Whenever! I'm saying that because I want to appear cool and hip and totally rad! 'Cause, you know, nobody else with internet access has seen this story before, only me, so I gotta let you all know that it's like old news and stuff because life? i don't got one ya ya ya

    • BR&Y

      yeah we know, it's been covered

  • kevin

    way to go man lol kentuckians rule

  • Jere

    I am from Kentucky and I'm not a redneck. I can speak fluently, and I can spell/read. Plus I'm fucking METAL.

  • Prof. Large McHuge

    Before the kid did this, i bet most of the people calling him a dumbass would have said that stealing gas from a police car sounds like a hilarious idea. This kid had the balls to actually do it, and for that I give him a tip of my hat

  • Bob

    lol dumfuck lol

  • jj decay

    what a bunch of conservative pricks. I found this funny and entertaining.

  • brian

    the best part of this that you CAN NOT siphon gas from 99% of all cars made since the 1980s. he got arrested for a crime you pretty much can't commit…

  • Dr. Evil

    Someone PLEASE kill him before he breeds!

  • Artilleryboy

    3 kids, two that I used to be good friends with(Before they became rotten) recently tried to rob a 7 Eleven with a rock and a stick. They got caught because the Owner new them and the police dogs followed them home.

  • Will Scarlett

    Keep up the good work Robin Hood and forget about the ignorant haters who're still lickin the Sheriff's boots. Killer cops don't that oil. Even good police need to be informed that the days of fat are over for their rich and powerful patrons. Abolish prisons and police!

  • B Dub

    #2 As smart as a guy I knew who pissed on a cop car. Off to the drunk tank he went, along with an unlawful disposal of waste ticket. Friggin idiot, got exactly what he deserved! Keep Calm, Serve and Protect On!

  • Anthony_Tyler

    I've written it before. I'll type it again: two – count 'em – two words: Kentucky.

  • Jack o' lantern

    who's money went to put the gas in the cop car? Taxpayer?

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