• Peter

    Americans we'll make you a deal. You trade us those flaming hot cheetos and we'll let you have these chips (you can have Zellers too). I'm tired of having to go across the border to get those hot cheetos (or basically any chip that's hot).

  • Retired Navy

    I think I'll go to bed tonight with a bag of chips and leave my door open. It'll beat spending $50.00 at the bar.!!!!
    Ohhhh Caaaannnaaaaaddaaaa, you are so funny!

  • noi

    find her

  • Zen

    Chive On from Victoria!!!!!!!

  • @thelogicbox

    "And that's how the cookie crumbles"

  • findthem

    must find

  • BetchaCan'tHaveJust1

    This is the best chip commercial EVER. I want, no I NEED chips NOW! Yes, I am SCREAMING!

  • Chris

    That is just up the street from me. I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight!

  • Keith

    And an actual break-in occurs here in Canada, TVs, stereos stolen, and police won't come period.

    So I wonder the homeowner was related to in order to get a police response that included a K-9 squad.

  • Jimmy the Canadain

    My god. I live just down the street from that place! This was the funniest damn thing Ive heard in a looong time!

  • Teacher

    Warning to Americans: Canadian's are deadly mofos. Keep out or we'll go all 1812 on you. 🙂 KCCO

    • kent

      It's funny that you Canadians think you won the War of 1812 when it took place 50 years before your country existed, it was a war between the British Empire and the USA. The funniest thing is that you claim you burned the White House down (when British Redcoats actually did it), while none of you have any clue about the fact that the US had already burned the capital of the colony that is now Canada, York. The only local-born fighters in Canada to fight in the war surrendered after the Battle of York.

      You Canadians need to rewrite history and lie to yourselves to have pride and cope with your world-class inferiority complex.

      • Yelly

        Clearly the user was only making a joke referencing the burning down of your white house, no need to get all superior on them. Oh wait that seems to be all you know how to do. Generalizing all Canadians into one group like that is closed minded, idiotic, asshole behaviour, that also seems to be your thing. If I generalized all Americans based on you, I would think they were all giant assholes with superiority and god complexes, who feel the need to put down anyone they think they are better than (which is of course everyone), but I know several Americans who are nothing like that, and frankly I'm not a child so I don't behave that way. You're that kid in the schoolyard who bullies and puts down other kids to feel good and thinks he's the coolest. You also seem to care way too much about a post about Canada, for someone who seems to dislike us so much.

  • edwin

    no one got shot? boooring

  • Hoshimota29

    Those chips are not that special, they taste like Lays BBQ chips to be honest. Now President's Choice Special BBQ chips, those are worth stealing.

  • Proud to be Canadian

    Mmmmm… Hockey pucks…

  • Callum

    I live in Canada and I might be going to Uvic next year…nice.

  • Slytek

    I Live there haha Also Hudson Mack is the shit

  • The Dirty Dougler

    Can't believe I live here….*shaking head*

  • handwrought

    Don't you dare laugh.
    I live in this area of Victoria BC and my children can't go out at night. We live in fear of people taking our chips from the house, although to be honest we prefer salt and vinegar which makes thieves easier to track.

  • Ray


  • Jackie Teeter

    Omg, I just lmfao for 15 min! Best news story ever!

  • John B

    I like how oak bay P.D. tagged along to get in on the heist action. Nothing says rampant crime like three Municipal police forces for a bag of chips

  • steph

    Kcco from Victoria – that was some funny shit !

  • stevo

    And we eat them watching tv in our IGLOO…hahaha

  • MohawkJon

    Gotta love my Canadian sisters

  • OceantoPrairie

    KCCO and kudos to the entire Saanich PD team!

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