• Seth LeCoq

    I wish more drunk chicks would just wonder up to my house….

  • GWN Hipster Doofas

    One does not simply take a bag of chips from an open garage.

  • 8008135

    Apparently, these are the KCCO/BFM shirts of the chip industry.

  • TheSimonizer

    I raise your funny robbery press conference by a Million Big Gulp March! mouhahaha OWNED SON! USA still #1! woot!

  • socket2me

    what a bunch of american fucktards in here, in other news that vid was pretty funny

  • matt

    wasnt it only a couple months ago there was a video about two girls stealing a girl guide's cookie money? and arent there incredibly popular news reports on KFC running out of chicken, a leprechaun sighting in alabama, and car wheels that go 'woooooowooooooo'? yup, clearly canada is too boring for real hard hitting news

    • commenter

      Those other stories didn't happen in Canada. Clearly Alabama has some slow news too. Lighten up, it's nice when the news is positive for a change 🙂

  • Canucklehead

    FYI – this wasn't a "press conference" per se. Police regularly "brief" the media in what are called "depositions". These briefings would cover everything newsworthy happening that week. Must've been a slow news week (hence the low reporter turn-out), so the cops simply took the opportunity to show off their lighter side. I think it is cool that they don't always take themselves seriously. Clearly, this is why Canadians are famed for their sense of humour.

  • Tyler

    This is hilarious I actually live right where this happened, UViC is just up the road this just made me lol so hard. CTV Victoria FTW

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  • Anton

    i live in saanich! that's awesome.

  • jsp

    I am the chip bandit

  • ugh

    I live in that city and the fact that made our news made me cry.

  • chesterdrawers

    What exactly did you say this is ABOUT?…

  • ali

    these are the worst chips ever no wonder the kids were drunk

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