Choose your summer Spyder: Porsche 918 Concept, Audi R8 GT or McLaren MP4-12C (47 Photos)

  • RJay Cressey

    Im not a big Merc fan. Ill take the R8 all day tho.

  • BajanChiver

    @28 And the Winner is…. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson… " Stupid flappy paddle geabox!"

  • BajanChiver

    #28 ***

  • eprankster

    # 31
    so want the Audi!

  • NotMe

    That Porsche has too much going on with the side pipes, the clear spokes, the green calipers… it is too busy. The Audi isn't much better. They both look like renders, or Tony Stark's armor.


  • Katie

    I've been drooling over the 12C spider since they released the photos. I mean look at that ass. #42

  • Majestic12

    Really? Are you serious right now? Audi?
    Audi isn't even in the same solar system as McLaren or Porsche. Hell, even Porsche can't enter McLaren's atmosphere.

  • G-rock

    Audi with the mclaren at a close second.

  • Uriel Arbelaez

    Yeah I didn't even look at the pictures…. Audi R8 for sure.

  • me

    All of them are beautiful but if I had to choose I would go with the R8

  • Serg

    The porsche definatly! 78 mpg? yes please. Too bad it's not even confirmed for production yet, so in that case I'll take the MP4-12C spyder. Ferrari speed with Rolls Royce comfort. The R8 is too dated for my tastes, it's almost 6 years old!

  • Jeff Ingram

    MP4-12C…used to be an alpha-numeric password, now the name of a car

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