• KCJake

    The reward for honesty? Embarrassment.

  • http://www.cavsplace.com/ Cavalary

    Wtf? Not sure if I'd have noticed the first sign, but certainly at the cake I'd have ran out of there like a bat outta hell and never return.

  • TomFoolery

    A pair of glasses is one thing — drop a wad of cash, and you'll see much different results.

    • cambo125

      Actually, the NAB (A big bank in Australia) recently did this with money falling out of a strangers pocket as they walked along and the results speak for themselves.

      • Alma

        Yep, I have seen that ad.. It is pretty good… Well done Australia ❤

        • Kyle

          Australia……. Leading the way!!

  • TomFoolery

    that keystone commercial at the start of every video is starting to get really old

    • ZacHart96

      What keystone commercial? use chrome

      • Joshua


      • emu90

        yer, i didn't know it was there until i saw the comments

    • cambo125

      Do you know what the capri, in capri pants stands for?

      Means you should'a worn shorts brother!

  • John

    Is it racist that they spelled the poor Asian guy's name Hun?

    • Dan

      Actually, research the video. Try started off spelling HAN, they later changed at it the end to HUN at the moment he said the name was spelt wrong.

    • Joe

      No, that's not what racism is. Racism would be if I assumed that you're polish because you said something stupid.

  • David Bowen

    Lmao, "spelled my name wrong" … haha

    • Whiskyb

      Think you meant Wong

  • pufffdragon

    Bank propaganda!

  • Mikey

    Is there an alternate version where they chastise everyone who took the glasses?

  • anon

    id prolly think i was losing it. return some glasses end up living in the deep woods away from all people and mind reading tech

  • poojo


  • chong

    just fyi those bezelless monitors near the end of the video are worth over $3000 a piece there were more then 10 of them. how the fuck did the get nearly $50000 worth of monitors?

    • Dan

      From the money inside returned wallets

    • http://twitter.com/khendar @khendar

      They're a bank.

    • emu90

      it's an ad for a bank mate, i don't imagine they'd have any cash flow problems

  • Simon

    They rented them?

  • Livin' Legend

    This would make me supremely uncomfortable.

  • Bender

    FYI nab is an Australian bank and also another word for steal

  • Hans Moretti

    Oh the irony.

  • Anthony

    ABC's What Would You Do recently did an episode where they dropped money with a bank slip on the curb and watched the results also. A homeless woman actually returned the money. Shows just how good people truly are, despite what the media would have you believe.

  • twobulls

    …spelled my name wrong, classic…

    • emu90

      he sounded so disappointed too!

  • Euroranger

    Nice video. Of course they left the part out where people browsed the pics on the phone before returning it. Just so…you know…they could get a look at the owner so they might…well…identify them.

    Yeah, let's go with that. Identify them.

  • JMc

    Thanks, Chive, for the warm fuzzy on this bastard of a Tuesday.

  • Nicnac

    Mall troll level: 1000000

  • _Moose_

    Wasn't NAB the focus of a foreign exchange scandal a few years ago?

  • chipwrecks

    They were probably skipping work at the mall and got busted because of this

  • Tim

    Imagine someone who has a paranoia about being watched or followed. That shit could drive them over some kind of edge.

  • NebraskaGuy

    Well so much for the poor bastard in the Witness Protection Program!

  • Maoam

    This. is so awesome!

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