Tan line Tuesday (40 photos)

  • guthrie

    #1 one thing to say about this gallery, WOW!

    • tee

      I bet those legs go on for days and days.

    • S.OhioChiver

      Sweet Abs! MOAR MOAR MOAR!

    • suck me dry

      all the way off

    • https://www.facebook.com/JoeReimeris Reimeris Irmantas

      its.. its.. perfect!

    • Tomas

      I love tans lines… I really, really do… but, what I find even MORE sexy is when you seen the tan… withOUT the tan lines. Think about it. 😉

      • Robin

        You think about it idiot.

    • Sticky Fingers

      Now that this top shot is sitting at the top of the Chive page I keep thinking that I am looking at a Krispy Kreme. She's gorgeous and I love that color.

      Sticky Fingers!

  • GFA

    #5 Moar Please

    • wow eeeee

      its nothing to lose your head over

    • PhilliesLuv

      Nice body, but nxt time shave ur pits….

    • S.OhioChiver

      Yes yes moar moar!

    • spud rickets


    • bigbelow

      very nice. maybe some nipples next time or your pretty face.

  • http://twitter.com/dbumbaco @dbumbaco

    Seriously why does tyler perry keep making movies?? its insanity!! On that note #29 youre beautiful

    • http://twitter.com/dbumbaco @dbumbaco

      #6 and #8 too 😀

      • Ray Pissed

        You sir have great taste.

        • S.OhioChiver

          nice lips on that #8

    • S.OhioChiver

      Hello there!

  • Guy #1

    First! Love tan lines!

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

    I'll take one of each please! Oh and a coke with that!

  • Mr Lucky

    Had me at #1

    • 650

      #1 almost set the bar too high for all the other hotness in here

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    #9 never gets old

  • Jak

    #5 #22 #33 shaaawiiinng!!!!!

    • techno_viking

      #33 is the winner here…

  • t_black13

    #4 Nice Bum ! .. but my name's not Josh ..
    <P class=comment-thumbs><A style="WIDTH: 135px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 101px" href="http://thechive.com/2012/07/10/tan-line-tuesday-40-photos/tan-lines-2/"><IMG style="POSITION: absolute" id=img-4-incomment-399176906 class=comment-thumb border=0 alt="Image #4" src="http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/tan-lines-2.jpg?w=135&h=101&quot; width=135 height=101 scale="0" jQuery172045488512702216754="383">

    • josh

      Hey, how ya doin?

    • Oli

      My name is Josh and Hi to you as well!

  • Tanline Inspector

    #25 epic

    • Andrew


    • bob


    • Duke_Dresden

      I was just standing on this corner less than a week ago it's Isle of Palms, SC, wish I would have ran into her!

      • CoC

        That is why I love living in Charleston!!!

    • PK!

      oompa loompa

  • Munyshot

    #4 Josh you lucky bastard.

  • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

    #40 Front view please.

  • Sapper33

    #5 You're doing it right

    • guest

      call me when you turn 18

  • tv_paul

    #23 Girl, I like your style. That's the way to show off your tan lines.

    • patov40

      She's even telling us it's okay. Pointing out DAT ASS!! B-)

  • KingThing

    #5…. You're doing it right!…..you're a 10!
    you too #33….keep up the good work girls!

  • Brian


    Best part of summer…..

    or just living in Miami.

    • Laine

      I hope that woman is in Miami cause she could be a body double for my girlfriend!

  • CowboyChiver

    #7 had me going for a second there…

    • Knockout_Ned

      Yup… Thought she was nakee too.

    • Woody

      Big meat flappers

    • hankalank

      Uncle Henry approves of wearing a one piece…this time.

    • wes

      As hot as her body is when i first looked i thought there was a dong hanging down there… i want to look again but i just cant get that fact out of my head!

  • jasonsapunka

    #4 What does the note say? Can't keep focused on that part of the picture long enough to read.

  • stu

    #15 is that Whitney Huston? Bet you scrolled back up for a second peek!! F*cking Image of her before all the crack of course.

    • jreddy23

      Paula Patton…gorgeous.

    • dood

      no dude, lol

    • Zach

      No, it is not Whitney Houston. Would be closer to Paula Patton, from Mission Impossible 4.

      just saw that someone added same comment below….

  • Kelowna Chiver

    #25 There is just something about her that makes me wanna scream MOAR!!!!

  • BigPup

    #24 #25 #33 That's finer than frogs hair…

  • Nicole

    No tan lines = better!

    • Kristen

      Says the fatty that won't go out in a bathing suit.

    • cump


      • Zach


  • Shiguy

    #3 Might need to rub some aloe on her.

  • Monster

    #35 love that body on you Need some moar

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #23 Great ass!

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