theCHIVE is throwing the best party at Comic-Con! You’re Invited!

The rumors are true. A few weeks ago, Corona Light approached us and asked if we might like to throw a massive bash at this year's Comic-Con? Yes, we can do that.

Can we bring an 800 lb. painted elephant and Mikhail Gorbachev? No.

Booze, beer, and admission must be free. Done.

To that end, we've been quietly crafting the biggest bash at this years' Con, Chive-Con. It all goes down at The Merk this Friday, July 13th at 10pm. We are opening up all the tickets to Chivers right now for free, first come, first serve.

The ground rules: You may only reserve a ticket if you will be in San Diego this weekend. You must provide your full name in the email and you CAN ask for a plus one. If you ask for more than a +1, your request will be considered invalid and ignored. The first 200 people to RSVP to chivecon [at] gmail [dot] com will receive tickets. You MUST receive a reply to confirm your reservation (allow 3-6 hours for reply). Must be 21 to attend.

You can wear whatever you want to this event within reason. This is a Chive party after all.

Also, as many of you know, I play Kevin Ellis on True Blood. Because Comic-Con celebrates our Fantasy and Sci-Fi artists, I am reserving a small block of tickets for actors, actresses, cosplayers, and my fellow industry peers. You can contact Mac at macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com to inquire about that.

If you're still reading this, you're probably too late. We'll see you this Friday the 13th!

John n' Leo

The Merk
820 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101


Friday, July 13th
10pm - 1:30am

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  • Paul Russell

    I hoping i replied in time! i missed the last one

    • John

      Did they get back to you ?

  • SDchivette

    Yay I finally get to meet some fellow Chivers! Can't wait! KCCO 🙂

  • Mark Hunter Orr

    Do you have to have comic con tickets to get into the Chive Con (Party)?

    • SmokeyJane

      no you don't need Comic Con tickets:)

  • Anonymous

    Throw a party in san Francisco already!!!

  • @Defiance7x13

    Comic Con, fellow Chivers & Chivettes all in the same place, what did the planets aline & no one bother to tell me….?

  • Ryan

    CHive! come to Nashville! It'll be the same as all these west coast parties but with slutty outfits and boots. Plus, I bet Coach Franklin will come

  • Mark Hunter Orr

    Anyone have any insight about if you have to have comic con tickets in order to get in to ChiveCon?

  • Tim

    This thing is gonna be douchebag central.

    • The Joe

      Kinda like your anus

  • Mara Weinberg

    PLEASE let my RSVP be in under the quota….best grad gift ever!

  • The Joe

    I'm a Chiver and I work at Dick's Last Resort just a couple blocks from the convention center in the Gaslamp. Come on by and be treated like an asshole! No cover and all ages welcome.

    • sdeezychivette

      I love Dick's!! Reminds me I gotta make a visit there this summer…. I'll wear my KCCO shirt!!

  • Vaughn

    Yup sent my email I live in SD

  • SDMarineChiver

    just sent in my email, hopefully i was fast enough…anyone got responses yet?

    • Chris

      Nothing yet…Im waiting for something myself.

    • SmokeyJane

      I got mine!

  • Rich619

    i hope i was in time!!!

  • SanDiegoChiver

    Screw downtown lets meet at a bar near a beach

  • sdeezychivette

    Anyone who doesn't get an invite….. We should set something up this weekend anyway either in downtown, or PB….!

    • sdeezychivette

      I'm in!!!! Can't wait to see all you crazies there…!

      • SmokeyJane

        I live in PB, I'll meet up!

    • atp

      Livin in PB is hands down the best ever!!! Even if I don't get my ticket I still get to go out in PB!!! Hellz yah

    • tg0st

      You should join the Chive On Cali Fb page…we will be setting up meet-ups at some point…but you can meet tons of local Chivers & Chivettes in the meantime. Did you end up getting an invite?

  • theysone

    Hope I got in on time…

  • Big ddd

    Anybody hear back from the chive yet? I got my response in pretty quickly… No word yet tho…

    • Paul Russell

      As did i and its been about 6 hours, still no word

      • SoCal Dude

        I am waiting as well. Sent email 10 minutes after this went live.

        Chive I have to go to class, and I don't think I will make it through the night not knowing if I got in.

        • Stella!

          Just got mine!

          • Big ddd

            Dang Stella how quickly did you get your request in?

    • tg0st

      I received mine an hr ago 🙂

    • Tep

      I sent my email and called my wife to submit also since we will have friends with us this weekend. She got a response back but I haven't and I sent my email first. Hoping I still might hear back.

      • tg0st

        Hmm makes me wonder if they are also selecting by gender based on the names given in the emails. The last SD meetup was pretty male dominated so I really wouldn't blame them.

      • big ddd

        I sent my email at 10:39am

        • tg0st

          I sent mine around the same time and received a response 2 hrs ago now.

          • big ddd

            oh well
            I really dont blame them either…it was perfect tho, wife and kids are outta town that weekend…

            • tg0st

              It usually works that way. KCCO 🙂 You never know, it could still be on the way.

    • SmokeyJane

      got mine in 4 hours!

  • rae

    damn it i wish i could go my damn car broke down….. fml

    • Pedro

      Ummm… Cab it…

  • Charlene 'Danger' Gracia

    God damn why I am always late for things like this!? Sent an email anyway- here's to hoping KCCO

  • Fonso

    Im so looking forward to this! Had a blast at the last one!

    • Trish Sidelko


  • Ian Murphree

    How to i register for the merk meet up??!!!

    • Trish Sidelko

      You had to email them, but I believe all the reserved spots have been taken.

  • walka walka

    So stoked! Go my RSVP confirmed. Gonna be 2 for 2 on the SD Chive events, love living Downtown!

  • Socal77

    This is badass I live across the BAY and hope to get tickets

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  • Sdff

    I sent mine email in early and didn't get a response. Anyone have an extra spot for me. Thanks

    • Sdff

      I have a few extra green or black KCCO shirts, BFM shirts in size Med still in package for myself that I will give to someone who wants to help a chiver out! A couple black KCCO female size med or BFM female med. thanks!

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