These college superfans would do anything for the Heisman (32 Photos)

  • @Aowyn77

    #30 GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danika Pulvermacher

    And yet they call LARPers weird…

    • Paul Rudd

      LARPers are fucking weird

  • Frank Talk

    #17 LSU chicks are hotter … disappointed we're not represented
    Geaux Tigers

  • bkfrijoles

    #22 find that ASU Hottie!!!

  • htownTEXAS

    # 18 GIG EM SEC BOUND!!
    #19 FIND HER

    • Standards

      Dear god yes please!

  • nuccabay

    its been said, but GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!! #2

  • Alan

    # 19, #28, I'm your fan!

  • Solaralien

    KCCO! From The University of Oklahoma! BOOMER SOONER!!!!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Go Sooners!!! 😀

  • LuncHBoX

    #19 #22 #28 FIND THEM!

  • Michael Howells

    Love that Oregon had 2 pics! WTD!!! GO DUCKS!!!

  • sagasha

    "These college superfans would do anything for the Hesiman"? Really… fans cheer for the Hesiman Trophy? WOW! How much did they pay you guys to run that line of bullshit? This was probably your worst topic in forfuckingever. Please try just a wee bit harder next. Have them cheer for a championship or just a simple victory, will ya? Even my wife was like "WTF?!? The Heisman? Who in the fuck cheers for an individual post season award? Fucking nobody. that's who."

  • iggy114

    GO GREEN!!

  • Cassidy Eaker

    No South Carolina Gamecocks? Seriously? Clemson can suck it.

  • Melissa

    #10 #31 GO DUCKS!!

    • MonkeyMadness

      You misspelled DICKS.

  • MediumJim

    #9 yes like protect, hide, and lie about child molesters. oh wait, that was just their coach.

  • TJO12082

    #19 MOAR!! #22 Shocker….

  • theycallmedaddy

    #1 what a baller

  • Devin

    #10 #31 WTD

  • MrPeddycord

    As an IU student, I was actually okay with there not being any IU Superfans, as they do not exist. The football game is just a good time to nap after a long day of tailgating. But when the basketball addition rolls around I better see some Cream and Crimson #IUBB

  • MonkeyMadness

    #28 I like to pretend that the hat is all she's wearing.

  • GoEers

    WVU only school on here 2x

  • Matt

    More sports previews and picks for college football at


    #19 – is she STILL looking for me?

  • john

    It is good to see that the fans in # 25 and # 28 like the GameCocks!

  • john

    And also the fans in # 2

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