• Mac

    and then they took instagram photos while drinking PBR's and smoking Camels

  • A.J.R

    Keeping kids smile = Good people in my book

  • http://www.facebook.com/dakota.moore.7393 Dakota Moore

    faith in humanity restored..

  • DigitalGuru

    Great. Just great.

    Any idea what the name / artist of the the song is?

    • Alec

      "Good Man" by Josh Ritter. Half the reason I posted the video. Beautiful, innit?

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  • Morten Friis

    Not to belittle the work they are doing, but this video seems to be much more about them, than the actual building-swings-just-to-make-kids-smile part. Quite a shame imho.

    • Morten Friis

      Again, just to stress, I'm not saying the work they are doing isn't impressive – it's truly inspiring. I just wished the video would focus more on that aspect.

  • Nuthinsus

    Sadly this wouldn't be able to happen in Australia and a lot of other areas around the world now.
    Simply because of the amount of red tape, certification, licences, building approvals, public liability, council fees, etc etc etc, that we are forced to submit to whenever a kid wants to have a bit of harmless fun.
    "Back when I was young" nobody would have a problem with those swings, but now, none of those that they set up would be allowed to stay.
    Man, I sound old!

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