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  • captain penis


    • Pit_Boss

      Epic fail. But on a slighty serious note, what if you were first, what would it prove? That you have no life and sit around refreshing the Chive every 4 seconds? Just curious if there some kind of actual rational floating around that I am missing.

    • this guy

      more like captain epispadias

  • Sean

    Where we are going we dont need roads! #1

    • Martin_McFly

      If you only knew…

    • Sean

      Its not like I said first or some shit. Ah well I'll just KCCO..

    • Chuck Norris


      typical dumbass chivers.

  • suck me dry


    • Bubba

      Finally got some? Nice!!!

      • @JJrrake

        No i think hes just trolling. Doing a fine job if i mite add.
        Trolling level: sukmedry

        • Spelling Police

          *might – stay in school.

          • @JJrrake

            Haha oooook spelling police

    • etcrr 131p

      im glad you enjoyed it thanks for cumming great post

  • dippy

    #20 a thank you

  • kal50

    #31. Damn, my secret's out!!!

  • violent peas

    #1 is perhaps the truest thing I've seen all week. Which explains why (a) I want that and (b) … well, yeah.

    • @JJrrake

      "Dad's dicks in the late 80's, early 90's – they were bigger. I think there's something shrinking dad dicks. That should be on 20/20"

      Def not goin to the late 80s early 90s

      • The Pict

        Sorry but it isn't funny here either. Maybe another dozen or so comments down it will be.

  • El_profe

    #31 just made me burst out laughing

  • Logan Malmberg

    #yodo you only die once.

    • amzed

      Both yolo and yodo have been misproven
      1. Whether you are brought back to life by defibillators or have a heart attack
      2. If you belive in reincarnation it becomes infinite.

      • Summit

        1 – you didn't really die
        2 – believing something doesn't make it true

        By the way, "misproven"?

        • Pants Pudding

          And "defibillators?"

          And having a heart attack disproves life and death?

        • MonkeyMadness

          Not believing in something doesn't make it false.

    • @JJrrake

      Texting while driving- #yolo
      Condom broke- #ohno
      Run nigga run-# popo

      • Pants Pudding

        Posting stuff where other people can read it might not be working out for you.

      • Funny or Die

        Stealing tweets from Will Ferrell and posting them on the chive – #nono

        • @JJrrake

          Ill post my work cited next time

  • Tim P

    #19 HAHA I love it!

    • OhioChiver

      Dr. Howie Feltersnatch. AKA Tim. 😉

      • Tim_P

        The Gloveless Wonder! Lol

  • miss lisa

    #21 – Sadly, yes! #29 – Dbag level 1000!

    • @JJrrake

      That reflection looks kinda bright actualy

      • CarRamRod

        Sometimes people take pictures with a flash….

        • @JJrrake

          All the more reason, richardson

    • jamie

      or if you're on some pretty good drugs, 29

    • Jake

      IT'S OVER 9000!!!!

      • Blurp

        PLease tell me you know where that's from?

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #5 Truth, that thing doesn't do shit

    • dirtysteve99

      It does though. You just need common sense, which sadly, is never listed on the recommended specs.

    • Tim

      Spoken like someone who knows shirt about security. As a certified security professional, I'll say a properly patched Windows box is not so simple to break into. Its the dipshits own them that make it easy.

      • Pants Pudding

        Where does the shirt fit into all of this?

    • MonkeyMadness

      That's not true, it won't allow me to install antivirus over the network if it's on. Other than than, it's crap.

    • gonzo

      very russian, even the upside down esape sign

  • Zach

    #31. So true

  • CowboyChiver

    #4 So awesome…

  • Bash Joker

    #31 Truer words have never been spoken…

  • Lisa

    #9 Louis CK's a fuckin' genius.

    • Habsy

      Worst comedian ever. We are in for tough times if this is where comedy is headed.
      Give me Eddie, Gene, Robin, Richard, or Bill any day.
      P.S. If you know there last names and still thumbs down, well fuck you that's why.

      • its_forge

        Dude please. Dane Cook.

    • Pit_Boss

      Agreed. He on Carlins level for me. Rip George Carlin!

      • USA


  • TCSthesecond

    #8 Apollo Creed never had a shot 😦

    • Buford_Justice

      If he dies he dies

  • jonar777

    #28 if this had a bar for females it would dwarf bartenders

    • @ortegaralph

      you spelled kitchen wrong

  • jreddy23

    #23…wonder which one is the nanny?

    • JLBugbee


    • JLC

      Or it's the family from Iowa who had septuplets.

      • jreddy23

        It was kind of meant to be rhetorical…pretty easy to tell which one has pushed out 8 kids and has no twinkle of hopes and dreams left in her eyes.

        • JLC

          Oh, by nanny did you mean Ann Curry, from NBC?

          • Kristen

            No, he means that asian that does their laundry.

  • Bangerang

    #1 should be the time machine to get to the Idiocracy universe.

    • Nero

      Is it really you, Skrillex?

  • Blue bronco

    Fucking mobile ads!

  • James Ramos

    This album had me weak! #29 #31 #32

  • B Dub

    #28 Tip big the first round….problem solved.

  • ipstndingup

    #12 Incorrect…there should be a douche above Chucks name…either that or a band aid, because Bruce lee kicked his ass

    • Lex Williams

      chuck norris and bruce lee were friends and training buddies…

    • Rex

      Which one is still living?

    • Bruce

      Chuck Norris is a racist intolerant douche. Look it up, he is an asshole

      • TheBenjamin

        Shut up, ghost of Bruce Lee

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #21.. Hmmm, kinda makes me think now.



    • Bob

      Seems I drank a lot of makers mark with the last girlfriend around……hmmmm

      • Kristen

        That was a guy.

  • @JJrrake

    #8 im not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens
    Also the most interesting one on the show

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