A Canadian Chivette and her chips (10 Photos)

Yesterday, Mac posted a hilarious video about two chip thieves in Canada who broke into a woman's garage after seeing some of Canada's rarest, finest BBQ Chips. That video is below. One of our Canadian Chivettes took it upon herself to procure a couple bags of these elusive crisps to send to theCHIVE offices.

And as they say, it's not the destination it's the journey...

The video that started it all below….

  • da goober

    its offical. im moving to Canada!

  • MohawkJon

    I haven't personally tried these but I hear they are very good

  • bryan onsugar

    That is this type of excellent useful resource that you will be offering and you also have apart for free. I love seeing websites which comprehend the worth of offering a top quality useful resource for free. It does not take previous precisely what goes around comes around regimen. Do you obtained plenty of back links and i also notice plenty of trackbacks?

  • NJ Chiver

    #10 – Neeeeed to touch the heiny!!!!

  • Notknowing

    Damn. I just moved out of Saanich to Langford. There are some pretty hot babes out here in the West shore, too. Need moar pix, pls.

  • TurboRon

    Zellers' Truly brand chips? Should have sprung for Lays chips, not a crappy store brand.

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