A vending machine that makes you go the extra mile for a snack (18 Photos & Video)

  • Maria

    Adelaide REPRESENT! KCCO !!!

  • Maria

    Oh, btw. It's a box of rice crakers, like sakata's etc.

  • kevin gonads

    Its clever marketing thats what it is. It got the whole mall interested in their product and everyone here is talking about it.

  • JonB

    @ 3:06 – Find that hump!!

  • Rhythm2rhyne

    What a great form of advertising. It's out in the open, in a place that is frequented by curious people; It's arguably fun; It draws a crowd; and the honest reactions (e.g. "Bow to the Machine" theme) seemed to have fun.

    I hope to see more of these near where I live, by schools. they can answer questions and get a snack with fun facts.
    These Possibilities are great to encourage these programs in school learn for .them add healthier food/snacks and beverages

  • http://www.facebook.com/wosim Wosim Tahan

    Guys I need to buy this machine any idea where i can get it? please email me mail@wosim.com

  • http://twitter.com/RogueDom @RogueDom

    Just proves that some people actually ARE as smart as laboratory mice.

  • http://vendingmanuals.com/a-vending-machine-that-makes-you-go-the-extra-mile-for-a-snack-18-photos-video/ A vending machine that makes you go the extra mile for a snack (18 Photos & Video) - Vending Manuals

    […] The Chive’s article, an Australian company ‘Fantastic Delites’ is the prankster behind this unique and devilish vending machine. Basically, the machine will make visitors go to some extreme [more]… […]

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