Animals that don’t suck (40 Photos)

  • dchiburg

    #23 E. Honda hundred hand slap!


    #10 #20 This ranks as animal cruelty in my book.

  • Sundown20

    I’m sure her father is really proud #37

    • Cassandra

      Mother too

  • Harry Longbahls Jr

    well done

  • wjaram

    #14 Garmin's new model is sweet

  • alex

    #22 Invisible harmonica

  • IceBerg

    #37 Just working her way through kennel school

  • WisGal_KCCO

    This has got to be one of the best animals posts in a while. I couldn't stop laughing 🙂

  • RJay Cressey

    Me n my friend watching TMZ, and our reaction to Tom and Katie's divorce…tragic…

  • chris

    #12 Who’s balls do I gotta lick to get a beer around here?

  • nuccabay

    #34 how come chance couldnt do this without sassy in homeward bound

  • MattKL

    #3 Thanks Chive, this smiling guy made my day better. That pooch is the picture of happiness.

  • jrodazz

    #38 Really cute girl, and awesome crazy cat face

  • Ebridges8

    #38 is awesome and should be found for moar of herself! oh and the cat too!

  • lexie

    There is no better companion than a dog.

  • ThatGuy

    #7 Not sure if the water is going in or coming out……

  • Blake Rothrock

    #18 kiss my tiny butthole


    #32 So this is what the wee critter out of Flight of the Navigator is at now. NICE!

    • Sataloca

      In case you were interested it's called a 'Sugar Glider' 🙂 and I'm guessing they're badass since they live in Australia

  • Zuke

    #8 Yeah, until it turns and rips their faces off. I'm way more scared of something like a baboon or a chimpanzee than I am of most any other animal. I mean, I hate most primates in general, but only the larger ones are truly scary. I think maybe the fact that we're so closely related says a lot…

  • jimjamflamabam

    #40 "DAT ASS"

  • Jayro Lopez

    One of the posts I look forward to every week! 🙂

  • CaptUnderpants


  • Petey

    #3 and #7 my dog is a German shepherd too, and he would those things too especially the sleeping one

  • village idiot


  • Iloveserjtankian

    #11……I think I'm going to have nightmares about this. It's cool but soooo creepy!!!

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