Bigger is definitely not always better (14 Photos)

I mean, I love some “FLBP” as you well know. But this….this is just too much.

  • Walter White

    Wish it was shopped.

    • backseatchiver

      seriously. this is disgusting, she could be hot if she didn't do that to herself.


      • 0948rs

        no. she wouldn't even be hot then.

    • Greenie

      Don't we all. Chelsea Charms, she's been on a couple talk shows and says there still growing and is a stripper/porn star. She's pretty nasty to say the least.

    • mattythegooch

      Her tits may be fake…………….but my vomit is definitely real…

    • burt reynolds

      Hey whatever, i'd still hit it. It's

  • bob


    • Red

      Agreed, she's a pig.

    • Jacko

      Googled it, what has been seen cannot be unseen!!

  • Dova

    I wanna run really fast at her and see how far I fly back

    • Vols fan

      we've seen this gif already…you'll bounce off and go thru a glass door…

      • Matt Otto

        from like monday? haha

  • Chad

    #14 You don't say?

    • boob_cuddle

      Damn you beat me to it!

    • Byron_Black

      Not even the skin is real.

  • Chi-T-Bone

    Just plain scary. All of it.

    • The Woim

      Nope! Not big enough!

  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    Lab dance?? What the shit is a lab dance?

    • Bob

      That was a test. And you passed. Gold star awarded.

    • DrFunkenstein

      Just like the xbox lab top the other day haha

    • usmc_chiver

      Probably goes with Bob's "labtop" from late last week

    • boob_cuddle

      I have an 02_se_xterra.

    • Barf

      If you have to ask you can't afford it 😉

  • Pdiddy

    Current Lower Back Pain

    • Alex_5280

      Perpetual Lower Back Pain

  • KingThing

    EEEESH!….. She's not exactly a looker either! No thanks… I'll pass.

  • dntuwsh

    oh hell no…..ick nasty shit

  • Tyler

    Boobs are like pizza, you think you always want more. When you finally do, you end up throwing up a little.

  • Martin_McFly

    Guys, its not funny to joke. She has aquaphobia – the fear of drowning.

    See #11 She bobs like an apple.

    • Anon

      Only real boobs float 🙂 She'll sink like a stone with those.

      • Hutch

        I would think she would float

    • FunnyGuyz

      Your Mom bobs like an apple on my dick.

    • Woodrow

      Guthrie Atkinson's momma

    • Dave

      Those boobs are so big she'd be pushed under the water while they floated.

  • Chi-T-Bone


    International watermelon smuggler.

    • db3300

      I wonder if she knows you can pick one up at Walmart for a couple of bucks.

  • Shoofly

    I agree, they're way too ridiculously big.

    I'd still take a titty fuck on them though.

    • Ken

      A titty fuck with those will make any dick look small!

    • troof

      whatcha gonna stick in there, your torso?

      • Shoofly

        Yes. Backwards with my ass in her face so I wouldn't have to talk to her.

    • LuvsHorror

      They'd crush your dick.

  • Jared

    Nothing attractive at all about this. Ive got nothing against a nice set of fake boobs, but thats just overboard.

    imagine the hot fucking mess it would be if she has to have them removed. all that skin…

    • Rock

      They would look like old deflated balloons that sat out in the sun for two weeks.

    • Tony

      I would have something against a nice set!!

      • shane


  • The Truth

    That b*tch is a joke. No way is that attractive, and the same goes for most of the implants out there.

  • Tzatlacael

    Why? Portable airbags…?

  • Tim

    ridiculous & hideous

  • cels0_o

    #14 let me guess you're not a real blonde either

    • Oltimey

      She can't look down to check anymore.

    • its_forge

      See the oh-so-classy black roots? Yeah.

    • Carl F Wahrmund

      Fake hair fake eye color fake nails fake boobs fake hair fake personality

      • cels0_o

        And they're the ones trying to find a "real" guy.


    She would probably die if she slept on her back.

  • KeepinCalm

    #5 perverse. sad thing is she'd be a milf if they were DD's. But then i like the semi-trashy look 🙂

    • cosy pillows

      and those pair are double a-z's

    • troof

      wow, look at the size of that cardigan!

  • CaseyTX

    Gigantic milk bags

  • jreddy23

    #7 HEY KOOL-AID!

    • @theterryburke

      OH YEAH!!!

  • Timasand

    I'm sure it smells great way down deep inside the cleavage……bwuuuuuukk.

    • melindu

      thanks for that… i threw up a little

  • Jdubya

    I would let her suck It

    • GernBlansten

      She couldn't reach

    • NIXem

      suck what? your tiny pecker?

  • ghg

    I wanna run full speed into them

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