Cosplayer Linda Le is using the Twitter Machine properly (29 Photos)

Linda 'Vampy' Le is a good friend of ours, she's also one of the best cosplayers in the game right now. Along with the fact that she's unbelievably nice, Linda's also really, really fun to party with... like top 10.

Linda is very active on her Twitter Machine so stop in and say hello.

Linda’s Twitter Machine.

Linda’s Facebook.

  • Fog Ducker

    Rinda Ree is wearry wearry rovery rooking rady!

    • shouldbworking comment about fixing pancakes gets deleted… BUT THIS! This is the most racist thing I've ever read

      • Fog Ducker

        Awer you ronery, so ronery?

        You need hatred and ill intentions for racism. There is nothing hateful about this, rather just having fun in light of Team Merica and stating that she's beautiful. Do you think the Merica posts are racist making fun of white people and the best of Wal Mart too?

        Quit being such a pansy, lighten up and learn to laugh a little looking at comments based on best intentions opposed to worst.

  • Mr Atkinson

    #4 so nice, i dress up as Spiderman sometimes…Canada ROCKS !!!

  • Keyser Soze

    #6 was hard to get past.

  • clyde

    #3 I want MOAR in this outfit

  • MasterBlaster

    Trick Question: How much attention does Linda require before she is finally satisfied with the amount of attention that she is receiving.

  • tv_paul

    #23#24#25 If the first two didn't seal the deal #25 really sold her to me. Note: I think this is actually a Boston creme log or Long John not a chocolate eclair )

    • Dunkin

      Note: who cares?

      • tv_paul

        obvious you do or you would have let it slide.

        • Eclair Doughnut

          I will take the "let it slide" remark to acknowledge the fact that no one should care. Good night.

          • tv_paul

            True (just having fun.) You have a nice rest of the day.

    • Just Sayin'

      Not a classic eclair, but could be an Eclair doughnut form D&D. Not sure why it matters.

      • tv_paul

        Maybe ,but I not sure dunkin donuts makes real donuts like a bakery. They make donut- like products. They are the Blade Runner replicants of the baking industry.

        • Claire

          You're retarded. Doesn't take much to qualify as a doughnut. I've seen you've posted multiple times about the Eclair issue. You should probably get out of the basement more.

  • MrN00DLE


  • PubicJones

    #5 Good chips.

  • trainer

    would love to get my hands on her.. furry hands and all

  • tua

    ok i dont nerd out to much but claymore rocks #2

  • walt

    #7 Rei from Evangelion….nice, now do Asuka

  • Jade

    #28 is just funny, love John and his wacky antics

  • misschris

    #4 That look! It's very… inviting. 😉

  • JmWalk


  • PubicJones

    #25 Chocolate Eclair Doughnuts from D&D are my favorite!

  • NaughtyNinja74

    #4 Great eyes for sure.

  • Retired Navy

    She's hotter when not in costume!!!!

  • Dirk

    Kari should be a Chiver with her own post.

    • lostagain

      Was Tory the one who knocked up Kari or someone else?

      • Dirk

        No clue, and has zero effect on me (I assume it was her husband).

        I just think she's a hot nerdie-chick. 🙂

    • Nromas Irsnub

      Maybe The Chive sould work on that, that'll be awsome.

  • buick

    #10 Gotta love a girl that wears a misfits shirt.

  • NonBrit

    Cosplayer, or just cosplay model? She definitely is appealing.

    • Ilya

      Cosplayer. She's a complete kid in a woman's body. This girl completely missed the boat on growing up.

  • glenn

    any girl who wears a misfits shirt is fine by me….but does she actually listen to them? doubtful…"i want your skulls"

  • Michael Piterniak


    John, you're out of your goddamn mind and we love you for it (no homo)

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #5 hot girls eating salt & vinegar chips should be a new porn sub-genre. my attraction to women and salt & vinegar chips is prob the product of a childhood trauma i can't remember. it's very weird.

  • Mitch Japczyk

    #5 Deliciousness

  • Jay

    #2 I may be the only one but I loved seeing a Claymore pic

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