• Rob

    Hahaha! A big-ass shark!

  • https://www.facebook.com/snoopy.pham Snoopy Pham

    If you look closely you could realize it a shark

  • guest

    "it's on your line baby, reel it in!"

  • Mern Blanson

    North Myrtle Beach South Carolina!! Shit gets wild down here!!

  • sweet detik

    Hello there. I discovered the website the actual online. A great write-up. I will make sure to save this and come back to get more information of your respective tips. Thanks for the actual article. I willundoubtedly go back.

  • MrPeddycord

    Smart shark, let the people do the work for him

  • nouu

    redneck fuckers…

  • mrkerrdontplay

    for some reason this video makes me yearn for a frosty delicious samuel jackson. drink up, bitch!

  • Jim

    I thought the first guy was going to pull down the girls pants while she was reeling in the fish. Would have resulted in nearly the same reaction!

  • Nahvis

    I'm the only one who thinks she might be hot? If she never talked that is.

  • https://www.facebook.com/lisa.k.boland Lisa Krieg Boland

    I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this, she didn't catch a shark. She caught a little 'ol fish and what you see is the shark grabbing it off the line. Still, cool as hell.

    • Vitaly

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  • Doug

    Bitch is annoying!

  • jason_b

    lol when he said jesus christ he sounded like mr mackey from south park

  • dewman

    that is FREAKING awesome~! one fish story you have too see to believe it~!

  • Clik

    Does anyone know what the camera mans accent is?

  • jay

    it was Nemo!

  • Dr Boobs

    girl sounds like a F*cking seagull, shaaarrk shhaaaarrk sshhaaarrrrkkk!

  • Asheem Jabbar

    At least they caught something. That must be some pretty effective zoom baits they used though.

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