• Bee Keeper

    This is un-BEE-lievable!

  • Fastjackk

    Faith in humanity restored 🙂

  • violent peas

    Pretty awesome. We should all seriously consider the importance (and dwindling population) of bees before exterminating them in a situation like this.

    • Balls deep

      Bees reproduce at such a rate, exterminating a next of this size will never affect the bee population.

      • HokieWhitley

        That is completely untrue. Having been a beekeeper for many years, while the average lifespan of a single bee is quite short, the numbers of functioning colonies dwindles each and every year. It is always worth calling a beekeeping club to have someone like this come out and help remove the colony. In most states, including my home state of NC, it is illegal to kill honeybees and most exterminators would tell you the same. *off my soapbox*

    • JohnnyAppleSeed

      HAHAHA, guy is a damn idiot. ruin your home for a few stupid ass bees. wouldn't have thought twice about killing those stupid things.

      • The Bacon Chronicles

        I imagine you're the kind of guy that would go in with a flamethrower, destroy your house, and the bees would live.

      • Maynard B.

        Ask any farmer, no bees, no food. Bees pollinate ALL of the produce that humanity eats. Don't be a douche. Drywall is an easy fix.

      • Mrs_Conejo

        putting up some plastic and cutting a hole in dry wall is far from ruined.

      • patov40

        Wow, thanks for your input Johnny! You're quite a thinker when it comes to adverse situations. Now would you please get me a different milk for my daughter's Happy Meal? She would rather have regular milk than chocolate. Thanks a bunch! B)

  • Lower

    Is the honey edible once he's done his job?
    That was insane, heaps better than spraying and killing them all. Nice guy.

  • A.J.R

    Burn it now!

  • Wade

    I raise honey bees and we sometimes get calls to come collect swarms. It's usually just a group on a tree branch though. Suit up, cut a branch full of bees out of a tree, shake them down into a box, and viola, I've got a new hive. The best part, collect 14 pounds of honey and then you've got enough to brew 2 cases of 12 oz bottles of mead!

  • Liong

    <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/hotels/pi.jpg> This guy can enjoy deliciousthe original ecological honey every night LOL <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/aquarius/nd.jpg>

  • kng_nthn

    My body feels like I'm being stung just watching it! Awesome video though!

  • The Andychrist

    I'm way too high to write something witty and inspiring about honey right now. So I'll just say "Go honey!"

  • chong

    cool finally a product from as seen on tv that actually works! (im talking about that ladder)

  • Kahless

    At first i was just going to say 'burn it, burn it with fire!', but that was pretty cool and seemed relatively simple to deal with.

  • IceBerg

    Hopefully Jerry Seinfeld was one of those bees

  • Ben

    R.I.P. 2500 bees did not make it…. think about the 5%

    • TJisThatGuy

      We. Are. The 95%. Occupy the wall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RoryU2fan Rory McIntyre

    Dude that's pretty damn cool. I don't kill bees either but I hunt down wasps. I reckon you should've got more honey for the trouble though!

  • naluukti

    Props for keeping them alive!


    i have a hive in my wall right now … send in the bee man to my house to get them out

  • thrillho

    Was that really worth packing up all your shit and destroying your walls?

  • http://twitter.com/JustKatSue @JustKatSue

    Shit. I have a 5 year old hive inside the walls of my house. I won't fuck with them because I'm allergic….I can't even IMAGINE how many bees there are.

    Someone want some honey?

  • 2.1 Gigawatts

    That's coo he did that. Bees are really important for the ecosystem.

  • Vax

    Remember how the world was wondering what happend to all the bees and they were going extinct? We found em!

  • Thoridin58

    Did he ever find the Queen? Hope he got her because she is probably one pissed off bitch!

  • Pants

    Bees kill YOU. Who the fuckenheimer would not want to kill them?

    • Truth

      You are a colossal spam javelin

    • patov40

      What he said. ——–^

  • The Bacon Chronicles

    Well, I guess I didn't need these pants anyways. I would have definitely dropped a load in them if this was my house. It's cool that they didn't exterminate them and the hive was pretty sweet looking.

  • FTFO

    i bet the guy played the piano himself for the music

  • joann

    other than that small pro, what was the other camera that he used?

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