I want to go to there (44 photos)

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #37 Been there! At least I've been to one of these places… finally.

  • cels0_o

    #9 what's so great about that?

  • Frozen Photog

    #19 Tilt-Shift on a night sky… clever girl.

  • http://www.facebook.com/danmcg Daniel McGrath

    #40 My new dream home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • bkitty9

    Where are number 21, 23, and 40?

  • dawot

    #23 noway is that real i'd like to explore the realm.. after motoboating a damn fine piece of tuppy (brownish girl)

  • ChadwickJames


    Is this the set of Big Trouble in Little China? I want to be there now!

  • Buddha-22


  • mankkky

    #1 looks like a very realistic video game.

    • Aaron

      I think its the Bay of Fundy In New Brunswick Canada

  • plaboi0420

    #17, Rock Hotel in Negril, Jamaica….best vacation to date!

  • Chris

    #9…Would like to piss on the Green Monster and take a dump on home plate! http://thechive.com/2012/07/11/i-want-to-go-to-th

  • Arcona

    #10 and #19 look so odd, like they're little models..

  • Phil

    Just got back from #13 – Rio is awesome.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Chive, could you please start captioning these pics with the locations?

  • Majestic12

    Been there, smelled that. Blah

  • Homer

    #9 the crown jewel of baseball stadiums

  • ATx

    Am I the only person who saw a cat face in #19……

  • Nvpro

    Need to post locations!

  • Ani

    #32?? Is this the place where Anakin and Padme go to on Naboo??


    #42 Casa Ventanas in Cayo Espanto! Stayed there for a week a couple years back. I suggest it.

  • ben

    Pretty please does anyone know where number 4 is?

  • Joe

    Tcaddy, I believe #26 is some where in French polynesia. Tahiti, bora bora, or moorea.

  • Kyote2374

    #1 is the Hopewell Rocks in Hopewell, New Brunswick, Canada, and it sure as hell has never seen a cruise ship, the bay is shallow as a blonde cheerleader in a B movie. That is as bad a photoshop as I've ever seen. I worked at the Hopewell Rocks for many years, and that #1 picture believe me..to work at..is more like a #2.

    • Dario

      #1 Is Faraglioni in Capri, Italy.
      Trust me, i live there =)

  • AndyRey

    Where is #34?

    • http://www.wimair.at Wimair

      Could be Vieste, Italy. Been there doing some landscape photography in may, totally reminds me of that part of italy.

  • Nutzz

    #8 has me freaked out… That is a pic from our condo patio on Papagaya Peninsula in Costa Rica!

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