Man Logic (20 Photos)

  • Awesome

    #1 Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

    • Mark

      Knowing the kinds of parties that Chickenhawks attend, he will need that other hand for a good reason.

  • Bless1

    wow! so many fucking reruns this week.

  • A feminist

    great post, chive! glad to see you're finally making fun of men as well as women. now you just need to make fun of men more, then it will be equal.

    • NDChiver

      Want equal? Start putting the toilet seat up and opening doors for men for a couple years and then we will talk.

      • bun

        Feminist, go watch America's Funniest videos. After all these years men getting hit in the crotch is somehow still hilarious to America.

    • not a feminist

      Making fun of men? Some of this shiz is brilliant!

    • JinGJ

      Go back to the kitchen and be a little quicker on making that sandwich!

  • Trey Shepherd

    #1 best!

    Rock Chalk! And Chive On!

  • taco

    #9 – I have tried that. 😦

  • wtfuck

    Most of these demonstrate ingenuity, but #7 and #20 are just exceedingly stupid.

  • Sparks10

    #15 is not going to fly with the cops

  • NDChiver

    Just livin the dream…

    • NDChiver


  • tv_paul

    #3 I'll get that son of a bitch for shooting me.
    #10 This time I'm killing him. Nobody leave "Man Chowder" in my hot tub and gets away with it.

    • @krisskross1605

      #10 is absolutely awesome. Beer, hot tub, and guns. Winning. All that's missing is a woman in that hot tub..

      • tv_paul

        Mavbe there is. She could be under the water connected to his man snorkel.

      • UWYO

        Thats how we do out here in Wyoming…. Guns, beer, hot tubs and not all that many woman…

  • Bradyized

    #13 These people are all a little bit slow… I don't want to be categorized with them…

  • Duh


  • Kelly

    #14 I can beat that! I've had a kayak in my trunk and a canoe on my roof….I drive a Sunfire.

    -Girl Logic (raised by a single father…nuff said?)

  • Harry Butts

    Man logic is merely creative problem solving. I would be more interested in seeing 'women logic' now that shit would be crazy!

  • Anthony DeGiulio

    #19 I use my tractor like this all the time.Jump in the loader bucket, raise myself up, and I'm good to go…

  • Roger

    #8 There I fixed it – now get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich

  • illWill

    #5 Now that's being resourcful. I'da never thought of that.

  • Bw11

    Ive always wondered if this would work. #9

  • cp7

    #7 when I thought I have seen it all.. this def is stupid.

  • TylerDurdenUMD

    For how long #7 has been going around the internet I'm positive it's one of the net's biggest troll pictures.

  • canadianbird

    #8 representing the male canadians in Ottawa (my hometown – boooooo YEA). Make do with whatcha got!

  • cmcb

    #1 or he could just use the left and a table. But whatevs, bro. Your beer.

  • Stick

    For once, I can't say 'Murrica!

  • nuccabay

    some of these are sheer brilliance

  • MattKL

    #4 I would've expected William Wallace to drive a better car.

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