Man Logic (20 Photos)

  • hansolo248

    At first glance I thought the title of this gallery said Mac logic. Now never having met Mac I still believe that he would follow the footsteps of #1.

  • TommyB

    #7 Just plain dumbshitery!

  • Caleb Giddings

    #3 is actually designed for disabled veterans so they can still go hunting.

  • Bob

    #7 soon to be dead morons

  • Anonymous


  • Frankie

    #12 Throne-henge

  • The Shermanator

    #20 not the bottles. the ninja suit with a floaty jacket


    All of these are…. Well some of these are great ideas. others not so much. BUT none the less GO FUCK YOURSELF ALEX WHITEHEAD . WHAT DID CATS EVER DO TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • alex

    Hey, it's this kinda man logic that saved the Apollo 13 crew.

  • Reginald von Finkerschnitzel

    Better title might have been "Redneck Repairs" or "Redneck Engineering"

  • Will

    We are a geniuses.

  • LeTour

    All of above logic seems sound… and shit a woman couldn't have come up with… epic

  • dahm

    Amazed and impressed,
    Cheers, Chive

  • AusGuy

    #9 done that plenty of times 🙂 works well too, you should also try a telescope 😉

  • Rob van Kessel

    #7 lol, I know these guys, guess The Chive is getting big in The Netherlands

  • MohawkJon

    That's actually very common I had to use something like that when I was making funnel cakes
    Mmmmmm funnel cakes alahalahalahalah

  • DoC

    Damn, that sucks. Too drunk to img src it. Fuck it punk. you know you were just slow. way to try to make up for it with a meme.

  • Outlaw

    #7 Seriously, how the God are you guys even still alive?

  • Todd James

    all makes sense to me

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #18 just as well you can't be carrged with DUI in your living room, i suppose.

  • mike

    Dear Chive:Please, please, please stop hosting the video ads. Or at least put them at the top of the page with a skip feature. Thanks!

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