Short videos need love too (7 videos)

An adorable Irish Terrier looking for his owner

Guy gets crazy lucky in a car crash

Boy comes out to his mother

There’s some kind of demon in this man’s leg

It’s always adorable when babies swear unknowingly

Incredible flip off a swing

This is the best video I’ve seen so far of the San Diego fireworks masterpiece (warning: LOUD)

  • this guy says

    sparkling wiggles

  • spaceace

    The leg thing was fucking gross.

  • Dan

    "of all things" I cracked up at the end of that one

  • Alan

    That leg cramp looks like a symptom of Stiff Person Syndrome. My wife has been disabled for 5 years with this terrible disease. Not many doctors know of it. It is real rare. Google it and watch how awful it can get.

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