The world body painting festival is creepy, awesome, sexy, and terrifying (37 photos)

  • Poundcake

    #7 looks beautiful, but the mask looks like something Lady Gaga would wear.

  • assman

    #37 looks kinda like she has a crazy hairy ass…

  • Guibombe

    I like body painting because boobs.

  • Andrew Delgado

    I guess this is where Lady Gaga goes to get inspiration for her newest costumes

  • Yolo

    Do Not Want….. any of this! Put this weird gay art on the Berry not the Chive.

  • ajay

    #12, thank you, i wasn't really planning on sleeping tonight anyway….

  • Zuke

    I hope these paints are water proof, or all it would take is a spontaneous rain shower to make this festival *really* creepy/awesome/sexy/terrifying.

  • dandelionnacho

    Reblogged this on Dandelion Nacho and commented:
    It’s amasing what they can do with body paint. I would love to go to one of these some day!

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  • TrojanChiver

    "By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"…!

  • MohawkJon

    Best superhero costumes ever!!!
    Couldn't wear it in the rain tho…

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  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    I love it,it's awesome!

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