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  • TJ_Designs

    #8 So my blood contains Lanolin? Like sheep's wool?

  • Drsoos712

    #19 Tackos are my favorite Mexickan food! Ill have to give this fella a ckall. KCKCKO!

  • wkdfrog

    #19 "I have a big TV with blue rays" Oh man they are the best!

  • DanTheMan

    So many reposts

  • Craigery

    #9 whoever made this joke didn't think it through. An invisibility cloak is supposed to make the wearer invisible. If we can see the hanger, than the cloak might be invisible, but what's inside it is visible, making it worthless. It's not an INVISIBILITY cloak, it's an INVISIBLE cloak.

    • Awesome

      Unless the invisible side on the outside, making the hanger (the "wearer") invisible, duh…

    • Fred

      They are obviously out of stock. 50% is a bargain.

  • tv_paul

    #16 "Free Steak Salad "must be a euphemism for some wild sex act.

  • Spelunk

    Did the people who make this site make up #2 ? Because it's been reposted about 7 times now…

    • for reals

      thank you

  • Cin

    #7 … the bunny photo is just taped over the real one

    • Damn Right

      Yea they do that at Publix for charity

  • tv_paul

    Actually it's a sticker that some department store in Florida does around Easter. My kids got a couple a few years ago. Maybe other places do this too.

    • Hello?

      Cool story bro. What do you speak of?

      • tv_paul

        Sorry ,it was supposed to be a reply to a post for #7.Second time today I did that.

  • the duke
  • Chazz_B

    #25 i think dreamcast was better

  • Sade

    #9 Wonder if they come in medium?

  • Damn Right

    #7 is what they do for Charity, it's a real Dollar Bill, i just feel bad for the people who have to place that sticker on the money, that must be a bitch haha

  • dave

    #5 Awesome! Hometown pic! Princeton, IL

  • Harry Longbahls Jr


    Get some new material, dicks. You have put this up 20 times now.


    part 2 white in blask trans short sloth wallpaper pistures

  • Sean

    #15 is a rip-off of an old Far Side comic. Check out

  • clever handle

    #25, dude, is that a Dreamcast?? Does it work? I would kill for a working Dreamcast. The cd-spinning motor dealie on mine gave out like 3 years ago.

    • AusChiver

      You can find them on eBay for generally decent prices (about $60-70, usually with a controller and a game or two if you're lucky). You should also be able to get a replacement motor for the drive too (a search like 'dreamcast parts' or 'dreamcast motor' should do) if you know how to handle electronics.

  • Zuke

    #19 I'm a frustrated single male, I've thought of stuff like this (I'd wear a name tag that says "Hi, my name is Devon. I'm single! Talk to me if you are too!". Name tags grab attention. Plus my strong jaw, broad shoulders and charming hazel eyes would draw them in like moths to a light bulb.). The problem is that while there are plenty of nice, attractive, girlfriend-material girls out there who are equally frustrated with their inability to meet guys(Isn't that crazy? There's gotta be some way for all these frustrated people to find each other aside from online dating or w/e.), there are also plenty of crazy or generally frightening ones who might call you or come up to you…then what? You've already admitted you're single. I'm a relatively blunt guy, but even I would have a lot of difficulty being like "Yeah, I'm pretty lonely for romantic companionship, but you're so bad I'd rather stay that way than date you."

    Oh, and #11 "Kitty, I choose you!"

  • Underhill

    When I stocked item #9 in my shop they were labeled ''Tan-through Swimsuits''.

  • NelPit

    #23 Has anyone seen the "Brave" video that's in the Redbox now? I wonder how many kids have gotten scammed by THAT one. Is it just one studio pulling this shit?

  • Falthor

    #25 Dreamcast Burries Wii without even breaking a sweat. So sad when they stopped making games etc for it.

  • SAChiverSteven

    Maybe some high tech wireless?

  • MohawkJon

    #25 that's better than an actual Wii!

  • Bob

    #16…What the hell is a steak salad??

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