An unlikely friendship is forged between dog and chimp (9 Photos)


    Whyis this weird? WE are monkeys and we have dogs.

    • vvv

      Yes, and if a dog raised a child orphan I would also find it weird…..

    • C.Darwin

      No, we're not monkeys and neither is the chimp. We're both great apes, like gorillas.

    • vagabond

      I was raised by wolves!

    • Rafiki

      YOU'RE A MONKEY!!!!!!!

    • Sean

      its not a monkey, its an ape

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    Headlines for July 2013: "Zoo employee loses face and genitalia in gruesome chimpanzee attack"

  • Chim richels

    That's so cute.

    And then the chimp grows up and tears a lady's face off.

  • tpain

    I can't see why some animal species wouldn't get along. They ain't like people…

  • Troll

    Repost much?!

  • JAW

    Chimps are always cute until they get pissed and rip your face off!!!

  • Erika

    teary eyed…

  • Nicky B

    Cane Corso's are awesome

  • A BiPolar Guy

    There are lots of cases of dogs fostering other animals, even nursing them. Maybe they were always this way, or maybe it comes of being descended from wolves who were willing to accept humans as part of their pack. They don''t seem to have any sense of what their species is like many social animals do.

  • Spelling Police

    "orphaned the chimp as her own child." WTF does that mean? "Orphaned" in this case is a verb, but it's not used correctly. I think you meant "accepted."

  • rider22x

    This is the cutest fuckin' thing I've ever fuckin' seen, dammit. (*sniff*)

  • Kegger

    This is how planet of the apes started….

  • Dani Hizart

    So cute. Until he grows up, freaks out and messes you up jungle style.

  • electric boogalo

    No way a cat would do this.

  • johnrclyma

    Do you think monkeys can Skype?

  • Electric Eliminator

    proof that dogs are the absolute best (fuck cats)
    if the roles were reversed an adult chimp would slay the poor pupy

  • BRapper

    I've seen this post before, and I want to say its within a year time.

  • twd22285

    Just wait for the chimp to age a few years then it will rip the dogs face off…not so cute then

  • SocialLubricant

    I can't put my finger on why, but #5 creeps me out a little.

  • Stick Stoner

    Mastiffs don't have wings.

  • Local Bro

    Cane Corso!!!

  • voltviking

    Sure its all gret untill the monkey flips out and tears off someones face

  • LuvsHorror

    Awe, how sweat.

  • Ironic

    That chimp should def stay away from Vegas.

  • TinMan83c

    that is just too damn precious

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