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  • Patriot_Matt

    #43 Cheating! You girls have your high heels to make you taller, your makeup to make you prettier, and all your lotions and perfumes to make you softer and smell better. I draw the line at booby deception. Don't you get pissed off when you open a bag of Lays chips and its only half full?

  • RettB

    #30. This explains everything…

  • Rett

    #30 Margaritas + banking = America's financial situation, explained.

  • JLay

    #25 Reverse Hobo.

  • John

    Either that's a damn good photoshop or that cop has the mother of all dog food bills!!!!

  • MohawkJon

    #6 oddly arroused
    #40 better to be honest and work with what you got then…
    #43 …lie
    Your look great without that

  • ona

    #34 and #52 gorgeous…..

  • saint

    #21 i hope you can give moar to your new loyal fans like myself…gorgeous

  • Bob

    #3, #16, #21, #51…I hate to call these women "regular girls" because good god damn, but I love me some regular chicks looking all hot and sexy.
    #17…Of course, these two aren't bad either. I'm not a super big Munn fan, but she looks damn good in this photo, and Hayden, oh Hayden, why did you have to break my heart by not knowing I exist??

  • Skedaddle

    #14 you in Van?

  • Dan


    Acceptable false advertising.

  • Floyd

    Wow Emily.

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