• Dman


  • https://www.facebook.com/benermin Benjamin Reid

    Am i the only one who thinks the guy on the right kinda of looks like Taylor Morris?!

  • Beerfanboy

    I've never heard this song played on the radio, or that Call Me Maybe song. It's easy to avoid, I listen to rock stations and there's a lot of pop shit that I have never heard. I have checked the videos out on Youtube, I guess I can still like the song because I've only heard it a few times. Except for call me maybe, I dragged the play bar through most of the song and only actually heard about 20 seconds of it, 20 seconds that I'll never get back.
    KCCO, I guess…

  • http://www.facebook.com/DettaVen Dana Xu

    Never have, never will. It's on his phone, so that should tell you something. Fuck shit bands like C&C, and if you wanna 'rock out' in your car, try 'The Immigrant Song'. Problem solved.

  • Bee

    I hate this shitty song. Give me some real music!

  • green

    youtube link anyone??

  • Chorel

    I'll stick to my actual good music.

  • http://photokaz.com Mike

    Funny when Chris Farley and David Spade did this in "Tommy Boy", this is just a rip off.

  • Stephanie

    Hilarious. I've only heard this song like 3 times so I guess it doesn't annoy me as bad as it does some of you… But you have to admit that was hilarious. Just KC and CO!

  • kiralira

    marry me

  • Laugherty

    He forgot to put his seatbelt back on.

  • Lauren

    Is that Nicholas Baum?? O.o

  • Frosted

    I totally thought that was Taylor Morris

  • mike

    that's what bath salts would do to ya.

  • Afeil117

    You know, I'll be the one to admit it. I like this song. I guess it hasn't been beaten into the ground because I have satellite radio, but still, I enjoy it.

  • Andrew

    What the f*ck is this on chive?!!

  • Keiferbug

    That's 48 seconds of my life I'll never get back. Gay.

  • http://twitter.com/StAiChiLLin @StAiChiLLin

    "Somebody that I use to know La La La La"
    This song plays so much i think my radio is broken.

  • The Empty Space

    It's funny, because there aren't any actual instruments in this song. It's literally entirely synthesizers. It's also a really good song.

  • Matt

    10/10 would laugh again

  • alucardthedeadly

    Walk off the earth does this song with one guitar and its way better.

  • irateburrito

    this video is wholly inaccurate, because they didn't try to kill themselves when the song came on.

  • Kayla

    OMG! I love this, the random mumbling during the course if good. Then the words they know, they SCREAM ! Everyone does it !:)

  • Jeff

    Tim Tebow and Demetri Martin, anyone?

  • LardyMCFry

    not only was this skit planned out,but it also happens to be a retarded everything.

    • youresofuckingstupid

      wait a minute, THIS ISN'T REAL!?!? OMG. We all totally thought that there just happened to be a camera on this guy's dashboard, and 2 more cameras in the back seat, and that this was all spontaneous and real!

      Thanks so much for cracking that mystery wide open for us, smart guy! No one would ever have known that this was a staged video if we didn't have your super-brilliant master sleuthing skills on the job to help us understand.

      Stupid fucking idiot. Swallow a gallon of bleach, you worthless scum.

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