Family finds old baseball cards in attic worth 3 million dollars (27 Photos)


  • trent

    Ill trade you for a few of my 2012 cards 😉

  • anonymous

    and why can't i be this lucky….

    • Drew

      Kinda blows that the guy who makes the investment never gets rich off of it. Its always some lucky bastard who cleans out his attic.

  • buenotastic

    Aww Chum!


    lucky mother fuckers i cleaned out the attic in the house i bought and didnt find shit

  • passwordistaco

    Can I put em in my bicycle spokes so it sounds like a dirt bike?

  • Fph

    Draw me like one of your french girls

  • Fph

    Draw me like one of your french girls

    • Drew

      It wasn't that funny the first time.


    This is the reason i kept my jeter rookie card. Just need to live to 120

    • Guthrie_Atkinson

      Except every card collector has that Jeter SP rookie card because it was mass produced. In about 400 years it might be worth something.

  • MIKEG01sf

    Errrmergeerrrddd. Thats so dope. Congrats.

  • goodguysfan

    #15 Best name in the bunch

    • Spencetron

      I actually think Connie Mac is the best name. His real name: Cornelius McGillicutty.

  • Paul Chuchmuch

    I know like 2 of those guys, 3 tops.

    • Justin

      Really? i know at least 9 of them. Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, CY Young should be obvious ones. Connie Mack was the manager and owner of the Athletics, John McGraw played for the Orioles back in the day and then became famous at the NY Giants manager. Both Mack and McGraw are some of the winning-est managers in MLB history, know of Joe Tinker only through reading in the HOF, Hugh Jennings was the Tigers manager during Ty Cobb's day, and Eddie Collins were part of the Black Sox team.

      • Truth

        Boooooooooring story

      • Raul

        Connie Mack is still the winningest manager in all of baseball, he was a player and had a stadium named after him. 50 years with the then Philadelphia Athletics.

        • Paul Chuchmuch

          This Justin guys a real bummer.

  • Colin Thomas Dunning

    TIL: The sky was red in 1910

    • Frank

      Everyone was on fire in 1985. I never knew that.

  • Motofoxe

    Finders Keepers!!!!

  • Chris Bergman

    Its crazy! This happened in the town i live in, Defiance ohio. Home of all kinds of crazy small town shit. We need some Defiance chivettes post!

    • Derrick Bellmann

      i live outside of bryan, i agree that it is crazy something like this was found around where we live( well your town haha)

  • Dork

    If he found them in the attic, how come they were all in nice plastic sleeves with bar codes? Did his grandfather come from the future? 🙂

    • Mjmchiver

      When a card gets graded they get cases and labels… But I am suspicious about the hound Wagner card .. On the label it spells "Hans" rather then "Honus"

      • Mjmchiver


        • Raul

          His name was Johannes shortened to Hans, nickname was Honus.

          • Mjmchiver

            Thanks for the education, Raul.

      • Lok

        I'm pretty sure PSA would have noticed if it was wrong.

  • Stan

    "I'll gave you 10 bucks for them" Pawn Stars.

    • Rick

      Let me call a friend of mine, he's an expert on baseball cards…

    • KingThing

      It's cool to see the shit that people bring in there…but when they start talkin money I change the channel…..can't stand to see those pricks screw people over and over…..then again….those same people could just sell it outright themselves to smeone else.

  • Fetts

    #22 wtf is Adolf doing in here

    • Karl Rainer

      Adolf Hitler led the American League in steals and "long bombs" in 1946 en route to a 2nd place finish in the MVP race.

    • G_Had

      I only scrolled trought but stopped at #22 with the exact same thought!

    • zighawk73

      Add ruining a perfectly good mustache style to Hitlers long list of crimes.

  • FoolOfATook

    Am I the only one shocked by the condition the cards are in? If you go pull out your cards from the 80s you would have a hard time getting a 9 from PSA (the company that grades cards). The fact that these cards are that old and in near perfect condition is astounding. I suspect time travel.

    • saltygary

      Yea it's unreal. I read this article the other day and supposedly the family was pack-rats. The guy ran a pharmacy and they think he received them as a promotion put them in the attic and it literally got buried up there. When they died the daughter moved into the house and didn't touch the attic either. So now that she died they cleaned the place out for the estate. Supposedly there was a ton of other valuable random stuff kept as well.

      • zighawk73

        Even if they were "lost" in the attic, the sheer odds of them not being chewed by rats or smushed or whatever else is flat astounding. I just found my old cards at my mom's house from the late 80s early 90s and a bunch were chewed/messed up in random ways. To escape 100 years without incident is incredible.

  • Reggie Noble

    Where's the Honus Wagner card????

    • Guthrie_Atkinson

      The very first one #1

    • guest


    • saltygary


  • Miles

    Maybe a stupid question…. Did they find them already graded??

    • saltygary

      nope they were literally in a shoe box in a attic unmoved for a hundred years.

      • Guthrie_Atkinson

        I cleaned out my attic recently and all I found was old itchy insulation and raccoon shit.

        • Spencetron

          You should get that raccoon shit appraised. Could be from a 100 year old raccoon.

          • KingThing

            Now that's funny.

    • Bitchslapya

      Usually there is no such thing as a stupid question… But I'd say America's education system FAILED you

  • saltygary

    This is a once in a lifetime score. None of these cards are in this good of a condition especially with the colors. These guys are going to make bank.

  • saltygary

    Hoarders back in the day kept valuable stuff. These new generation of hoarders only collect cat shit and post-dated yogurt, but at least they have a TV show about them.

  • Zach

    This happened in my wife's family. It's a very exciting time for everyone.

    • Kristen


      • tim

        He is not lying, my wife is also part of that family.
        Hi zach

        • bolweevil

          j/k. Is ownership of the collection clear, or is family wrangling over them expected? With that kind of money, I hope everyone can kcco.

  • bisketz

    700 of them?? Really?

  • dewarz


    There is a growing number of people that think the real reason Wagner forced tobacco companies to stop printing his image was more… um… .like the athletes we know and love today.

    He wasn't getting enough compensation, so he forced them to pull it.

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