Family finds old baseball cards in attic worth 3 million dollars (27 Photos)


  • cmcb

    #18 #19 #9 Tinker to Evers to Chance in baseball card form. That's strong.

    • B_Error

      Go Cubs Go!

  • Andrew Parrett

    Makes you wonder what else is in the attics of these old homes. A great find!

  • Macro

    So he died in the 40's and nobody looked in the attic for the last 70 years? Lazy f**kin family right there.

  • Chive Heckler

    I looked in my attic and found a shoelace and an old Milli Vanilli cassette tape…in MINT condition.
    Any takers?

  • asnoc

    What are baseball cards?

  • OneillNataliaj

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  • petesopete

    If the attic is worth $3 million, I wonder how much the rest of the house is worth…

  • Jayetheb

    This is why I wished my grandma ha let us clean out her barn… There was a trunk of baseball cards in there, that probably got ruined by the elements – and now the property has been sold… This is also why MY cards will ALWAYS be close at hand for me!!! If I live to be 100, the autographed Jeter rookies might cover my funeral expenses 😉

  • dave

    Would it be better to auction them individually or as a set?

    • MAGSGQ

      Individual! I think the news said they were going to auction these cards off over the next couple of years.

  • Andrew

    The fact that baseball cards are worth anything more than sentimental value astounds me. It must take some kind of mental ill-disposition for one to find any type of monetary worth associated with obtaining relics of a terrible sport.

  • Alan

    Sorry, no. Three thousand maybe, but surely somebody with three million dollars could spend it on something more worthwhile than baseball cards.

    (Like me for instance …)


    Grading companies suck. What happened to the old days to where you bartered to trade or purchase the rookie you always wanted? Even though I subscribe to Beckett, today's prices for the hobby does not allow me to continue collecting for my 12 year old son. BUT, this is damn near a holy grail find!
    Wish my collection was that nice.

  • showtownman

    #19 #18 #9 Say no more.

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