Inspirational quotes that will warm your heart (30 Photos)

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    • beserker

      ๐Ÿ˜€ inspirational on its own

      "KCCO" – theChive

  • aussie

    love from australia

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      back at you from NZ…

      • MikLAD

        And to both of you from manchester england

    • Steven Ray Kenney

      Love from South Africa!

    • Richard MacKay

      More from Aussie ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        and more again! KCCO!

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      Love from an Australian in Japan ๐Ÿ™‚

    • AkChiver

      Love from Alaska!

      • Rory Keogh

        And Dublin Ireland

    • SuperiorTo8

      Where I'm loving from doesn't matter. Because I send it to everyone, and I send it equally. Just as Mr Carlin would want

    • patov40

      Love to you all from Maryland, USA! B)

  • Ethix

    #3 My how things have changed.

    • cureliberals

      That should be replaced with "Where's my free shit?" – Obama Supporter

      • Slo

        I think you came to the wrong website, try

        • Nobama

          I get it! Because someone doesn't bow down, kiss Obama's ass while declaring that he is the Almighty Messiah sent from on high to save us all, they must like Fox news, right? Aren't you just the most clever little idiot in the whole bunch!

          • zzzzzzzz

            your are an idiot. sorry – not very clever. just wanted to say that you are an idiot.

          • easy, people

            Correct. You have correctly perceived that there is no difference between what Slo wrote (an objection to overgeneralized anti-Obama blather) and worshiping Obama as the almighty Messiah. Nope, no middle ground between them at all.

            Sarcasm aside I think the point was more likely to rebut a broad-stroke depiction of an Obama supporter with a broad-stroke depiction of an Obama detractor. No need to go off the deep end about it.

      • zzzzzzzz

        "let me help my fellow man who is in need rather than add to the fortunes of america's biggest heirs" – Obama supporter

        • Jeff

          what dream world are you living in zzzzzzzz?

        • Nobama

          "Let me be fooled into believing that being wealthy makes you evil, government handouts are a right, empty slogans will make everything better, higher taxes will fix the economy and everything is Bush's fault." –Obama supporter

          • zzzzzzzz

            being wealthy does not make you evil. i strive everyday to be wealthy. but i pay my fair share of taxes and do not look for loopholes.
            i am also willing to help my fellow man. jeez that sounds like something jesus would say and i dont even believe in that character from that shitty book.

            • agnolibertarian

              "fair share" is extremely relative. is it fair that half of america doesn't even pay taxes? some say yes others say no.

            • Thoughts

              Learned Hand said there is nothing patriotic about giving the government as much as you possibly can in taxes, just as there is nothing unpatriotic in limiting your tax liability. And if you don't know who he is, you probably shouldn't be taking about taxes or duties.

          • RDS

            "Yes, go ahead and give money back to the wealthy. Because, they're so damn generous and good-hearted that they'll immediately turn around and give their money to the poor. Because…that's how they've stayed welathy all these years……? Oh wait, I'm an idiot." – Obama hater

            • Oversight

              Why should a wealthy person give their money to the poor exactly? Why should he be expected to do it, or morally compelled?

              More to the point, what right does the government have to FORCE it upon him? What else will they take? His eyes so that a blind person can see? One of his arms so an amputee can grasp a pencil again? These are the same things. I own the fruits of my labour just as I own my limbs, and neither should be taken from me with violence.

        • agnolibertarian

          Sounds like something i've heard before…

          "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"

    • occasional visitor

      that's the best Nicholas Cage has ever looked ๐Ÿ™‚

    • twoscrewsloose

      How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin.

      Ronald Reagan

      • cordialb

        + 1

      • Iceman2509

        That is a good quote. I forgot about that one.

      • zzzzzzzz

        even Ronald's dementia riddled old mind could tell the difference between socialism and communism

    • Claude

      That's why there's so many losers making under 30k who want to protect the top 1% from a tax hike.

      • Iceman2509

        Because they are the ones who don't feel sorry for themselves and know hard work can make their situation better.
        What a concept. Work hard and you might make a better life.

        • nemesis

          Except that's not true, is it? Come on, think about it. Have you ever heard of barriers to entry? They're erected by the haves to protect their interests. I don't blame them for that, but the have-nots, who are shut out of a chance of social equity simply by an accident of birth, and support this MYTH of "hard work ALWAYS equals success" are just pitiful. Education. Education. Education. Strong people, strong nation. Simple.

          • zzzzzzzz

            exactly – show me how hard Romney worked to get where he is. the only calluses on his hands are from repeatedly rubbing one out to pics of Reagan in a cowboy hat like the rest of the modern conservatives. not like Bush who worked his ass off bankrupting every company that daddy ever bankrolled.

            • Obama is a moron

              Yeah, and Obama has held so very many menial labor jobs, right? We've seen soooo many pictures of him digging ditches, laying brick, building a house, putting in plumbing. . .

              • zzzzzzzz

                no – nor does he claim as such. it is romney that claims to have all of the answere because he is a business man.

            • easy, people

              hmm, I was with you up til here. I pretty much agree with most of what you've written, but it is counter-productive to make arguments like that. If you don't think Romney worked hard to get where he is, you probably have little exposure to the environments where he made his money. Those people work like demons and are very smart. Just because they don't get blisters doesn't mean they don't work 70, 80, 100 hours a week to get to the top.

              Whether you support the activities and policies and behaviors that benefit from all those hours of work is a whole different question. I oppose much of what Romney stands for but I think weakens the argument to deny the facts.

          • Iceman2509

            Well, to an extent it's probably not likely that everybody that works their ass off will become a millionaire. However, not everybody in the US is looking to be filthy rich. Being well off is good enough for the majority of Americans.
            So if you work hard and never quit, you can achieve stability and happiness. IMO.

            • zzzzzzzz

              what you don't realize is that you & i are on the same side here… support hard working americans by protecting the middle class – that is what made us the super power that we are. not by having the proletariat and bourgoois.

              • Iceman2509

                We are all on the same side. We are Americans after all. I think you and I just have a different vision on how to get back to the "America, Fuck Yeah!" attitude that we are all proud of.

              • Roger

                Entire thread is an oversimplification of a complex issue. True, there is disparity in the tax system and upper classes should pay an equivalent part; however, the ideology of we need to tax the wealthy and give to the poor so we can all be rich will never work. The country was never founded by "protecting the middle class" it was founded by people working their ass off in spite of any disparity they faced. I started working when I was in the 7th grade and will graduate this may with my masters in engineering. Fully raised and supported by a single mother working for minimum wage and not on welfare. Americans are lazy, the end.

                • John

                  Americans are lazy? Really…. You mean because they refuse to be exploited by Farmers that want to pay them below minimum wage, with no benefits? Perhaps you are describing yourself?

                  Let me tell you something pal….. This year is the first time I've worked 40 hours a week. The last 12 years I've worked an average of 60 hours a week. It's been as high as 70 hours a week while wearing multiple hats.

                  It's not just me too. I know a lot of people with good jobs that are working second jobs just to pay the bills. Many are single moms too. Something tells me you don't know jack sh*t about children too.

                  So please spare us with your lazy B.S. comment. Just because you are lazy does not mean the rest of us are lazy.

                  • Roger

                    I'm not going to assume I know your situation, but my guess is that you aren't in an awful financial situation, and if you are you are most likely living beyond your means.

                    Americans as a whole are lazy and feel entitled. Most wouldn't set foot on a farm regardless of the pay because it's hot dirty and beneath them.

                    Also, don't assume I dont know shit. Grew up on a farm, worked my ass off. Worked multiple jobs through undergrad, left paid it off before I came back and currently work 2 jobs on top of a full course load.

                    Most people are in horrible situations because they choose to drive nice new cars and make payments versus driving a pos and saving for a new one. It's all about what nice new this I can get now versus waiting.

                    But as I said earlier, it's a complex issue not solved simply by wealth distribution.

                    • Idius


                    • aaa

                      100% agree.. what you said is comment genius

                • easy, people

                  Agree: "entire thread is an oversimplification"
                  Agree: "founded by people working working their ass off"
                  Applaud:"will graduate in may w/ MSME, raised by single mother working on minimum wage"

                  I have to dispute your point about the ideology of taxation though. I don't think anyone has argued that "we can all be rich" through income distribution. I think the point of welfare is to have a social safety net for people who are not able to support themselves. You have an outstanding work ethic, probably taught by your mother, and you have make a success of yourself. But should we not help a kid whose mother has no work ethic or for whatever other reason is unable to support the kid? How is a kid whose caretakers supply inadequate nutrition/safety/support supposed to overcome those obstacles in addition to the ones you overcame yourself?

      • zzzzzzzz

        wow – the rare intelligent response in an otherwise string of dumb shit that my fellow chivers spew whenever politics is brought up… Romney is not your answer you lazy apathetic flag wavers… Romney was born into more money than he could ever spend, but he decided to grow it by shipping jobs overseas and storing his money in tax havens (Swiss and Cayman accounts). He is obviously not the answer to the crisis in America, which is quickly headed to the caste system. If people voted in their best interest he would not stand a chance.

        • Iceman2509

          Keep drinking the kool aid.
          Romney has a whooping 3% of his wealth invested overseas. He does this to hedge his money against the dollar in case the dollar slips further into oblivion.

          We already know what Obama can for the country and if you like that then vote for him. You better hope he doesn't bring up the economy any time between now and the election.

        • Vote or Die

          but I don't see the point in voting when my options are a douche and a shit sandwich!?
          I voted and supported Ron Paul the past two elections but again he gets shoved aside and we're left trying to pick the lesser of two evils.
          Can anybody explain why there is always only two candidates and they are always retarded pieces of greedy shit?
          @zzzzzzzzz I think we're already screwed bro

          • Oversight

            Because the people that control the elections choose the nominees, pure and simple. These include the banks, media outlets (never will I say "news agencies") and the foreign powers who control the Federal Reserve.

            For the last 100 years the parties have grown closer and closer on the issues that actually matter (monetary, foreign, and fiscal policy) and only kept separate on a very few minor issues meant to drum up rage and gusto for elections (abortion being #1).

            There is no difference between Obamney or Rombama. They are the same. Vote for neither.

            When I look back, I want to tell my grandkids I voted for Ron Paul. And apologize to them for my generation allowing the world to go to shit when we had all the tools at our disposal to stop them, but were too lazy and ignorant to do so.

        • Jeff

          Ron Paul 2012!!!!

        • Weird

          How much stimulus was shipped overseas? Do you think Obama is the answer to the crisis in America? Just asking, don't want a barroom political debate.

          • Aristotle

            ^ probably doesn't understand how money works. Certainly doesn't understand how macroeconomic policy works.

    • uplim

      Haha Steinbeck did not mean this as a positive and inspirational comment. He was referring to how blind people are in supporting policies that are not in their best interest because they think someday they will be rich when that is overwhelming not the case.

      • zzzzzzzz

        that's why we have the lottery. so poor people can dream right?

        • zzzzzzzz

          hey look! somebody gave this liberal douchebag some thumbs up!!

    • Red

      Ask yourself this: Are you better off today than 4 years ago? If so, vote Obama. If not, vote Romney. It's that simple.

      • JohnD

        No, it really isn't that simple

      • Aristotle

        Do you really think it's as simple as only and always voting for what's best for your own bottom line? What about what's best for people who do much worse than I do? Should I ever vote for what's best for them?

        • Socrates

          No. I'll help the helpless, but to hell with the clueless.

    • No idea

      Yeah, fuckin' PROLETARIAT, man.


      • me neither

        are you sure you didn't want the BOURGOOIS? yeah, I guessing I probably can't afford it =/
        – if anyone says they knew the definitions without google's help, they're fucking lying

        • Ethix

          Or they've read like… anything. The Communist Manifesto is very short and is free on the internet. I've read it, not because I am a Communist, but because I feel like I need to be educated before I call a person/idea "communist". Check it out.

          • Lil John

            Get a room, Politards!

  • beserker

    #4 these always make me feel soo good! stay awesome guys

    • Iceman2509

      And all miserable together.

      • Hugh

        I think the quote is directed at the masses that work 80 hours a week at jobs they hate to buy crap they don't need in hopes the crap will make them happy. Just sayin'

        • Sho'Rhonda

          The quote is directed at the mass of "occupy" types… by "we'd all be rich" they really mean "give me stuff you worked for because I'm entitled to it."

    • Oversight

      Money is not evil. Money is pure, money is true. That is, REAL money is. The money (read: monetary policy) we have today is controlled by people who have goals directly opposed to prosperity for anyone but themselves.

      Audit the Fed, bill H.R. 459.

  • passwordistaco

    #11 #21 That man was a frigging genius. He could sum up more shit into one sentence……..

    • @JJrrake

      I forget the specifics but i heard he was also kind of a ruthless motherfucker. Good public speaker tho

      • truestory

        He ordered the destruction of some of the French fleet in harbour because the French leader wouldn't move them to Britain or Canada and he [Churchill] couldn't risk the Germans capturing them.

        • M.O.T.

          Plus, when are you realistically going to get the chance to destroy the French fleet again?

    • b3nje909

      Greatest Leader ever??

    • mishai

      exelent leader in war…poor politican in peace:/

      • Forest

        Give me that combination any day. I'd rather have a leader than a politician.

    • M.O.T.

      When told he was "disgustingly drunk" by a Lady, he responded with something along the lines of "And you are ugly, but I shall be sober in the morning".
      I wish I was that witty when I'm shitfaced.

    • Ateka

      Mostly a quote machine, actually.

    • patov40

      Lady Somethingorother: "Winston, if you were my husband, I would poison your tea!"

      Churchill: "Lady Somethingorother, if you were my wife, I'd drink it!"

      Barney Stinson image: "True story." B)

  • Curtis Vineyard

    #3 The man had a point.

    • Epitomizer

      This used to be true. Now all these "99 percenters " all the other lazy entitled little shits think they are supposed to have the world handed to them on platter. This nation wasn't built by people who wanted to sit around and protest when something was wrong, it was built by people who got off their lazy asses and did something about it.

      • Aristotle

        That is a trite and pointless bit of sloganeering.

      • Pete

        "sit around and protest" – you really have no idea do you?

    • Robert

      Socialism never took root in America because it's bankrupted every country and hindered the happiness of it's people.

      Of course, our fascio-socialist state is ensuring we are going down that road.

      • Pete

        Not strictly true. An example: The UK is pretty much socialist (though not as socialist as, say, France), and despite having a large debt is nowhere near to bankruptcy. The causes of bankruptcy are not the same as having a debt, which is what I think you are alluding to. The UK has never failed to pay its debts, and therefore still gets very favourable rates. In fact, the UK is AAA rated by Standard and Poor (the US, by comparison, is AA rated but other rating agencies vary on this – by and large our ratings are very comparable), and as an aside the UK's national debt, by percentage of GDP is actually marginally LOWER than the US.

        Happiness is a pretty subjective thing, but if you want to focus on that, lets throw out some figures as to what might cause of hinder happiness. Employment stands at 69% (US is about 66%), we just had a man in the Wimbledon final for the first time in years (most of the country were at least partially chuffed by that), a British lead in yellow in the TdF and of course the Olympics coming up, which, despite what the papers say, seems to be shaping up pretty good. The UK rates highly on the HDI (even higher when inequality is taken into account) and we rank at 61 on the list of countries by suicide rates (US is 41 – an increase of 9 people per 100,000).

        So in conclusion, I really don't think you know what the fuck you are talking about. Of course NONE of what I have said in any way shape or form relates to how aspects of socialism might affect the US. It might be a bad thing for you. But it is utterly wrong to suggest that it hasn't helped other countries and its people.

  • Trav1121

    #26 David Suzuki got it right. Shotgun! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • spliggs

      Not really. Dr.Fruitfly is head of a multimillion dollar political lobbying corporation with a big tour bus and 4 plots on Quadra Island for his vacation home, while he tells us ignorant shmoes to eat leass, wear a sweater and live in high-density housing.

      • slob

        You got it. Suzuki pushes junk science, while reaping millions in government "feel good" money

        • Aristotle


    • logger

      suzuki drives fellow japanise to early grave

    • ghostofmlg

      David Szuki is an idiot. He does what he does for personal gain and recognition. He cares no more for the environment, the panet or the future then does a 6 month old child. David Suzuki is nothing. That is all.

  • Liong

    <img src=> Levine has already reached the highest point on six continents: North and South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.<img src=>

  • moses

    dont accept any wooden nickels

    • Melanie

      Don't eat yellow snow.

      • Woody

        Don't piss into the wind.

        • Colonel Sanders

          Never lick your mom's box when your sister is available.

  • Curtis Vineyard

    #9 #11 #18 #24 #26 all are true


    #20 so true….if you drink and been hung the fuck over….so true : /

    • Dave

      It was Dean Martin, but still a cool quote.

      • phunkmunkie

        Beat me to it. Definitely Deano.

  • Ravienne_Cullen

    Staying up late, huh Bob?

  • Angela Nelson

    #12 makes death sound better than it is

    • @JJrrake

      Its cool u die twice anyway rite?

      • Other half of quote

        Nice, FIVE people dont know the quote though.

    • Scary

      Only the dead know for sure

    • Hutch

      How do you really know it's not that good?

      • Guest on the run

        Nobody ever came back…unless you accept some fringe lunatic element's philosophy.

    • A Christian

      I'm looking forward to dying, but not until I'm done living.

    • Jake

      In my opinion, I think it's always healthier to believe in something greater than you, whether it's God or whatever else there is. It keeps you optimistic when times are rough. I know that at the end there is a place that feels more real than the life I am currently living, somewhere that time doesn't exist and I won't ever feel alone. That's a good feeling to have. If I didn't believe in God I would have committed suicide years ago, but I'm alive because I know I haven't even gotten to the good chapter yet.

      • OhioChiver

        Nice introspection Jake. KCCO.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Its so sad when believe don't believe in anything. Life isn't a math problem. We don't have to prove everything with data

    • Adriana

      #12 was NOT Oscar Wilde!! It was Sylvia Plath!!! Ughhh

    • socalmarti

      Suicidal people should not read Sylvia Plath, or listen to the Smiths….

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #4 love this one

    • @JJrrake

      Fuk that i fux with money. #withallduerespek #sike

    • Derp

      you are the 99%, aren't ya Lauren?


    #18 also ll cool jay in deep blue sea mmmyeah.

  • saveamericashootalib

    #4 is pure delusional thinking. there will always be people with "more" because we are not equal. we will always have those who are smarter and work harder and gather more than most others.

    • beserker

      i think the point of mentioning "without money we would be rich", could have a deeper meaning in that we loose site of physically having more, but we become rich by not striving to actually get more , only what we need. rich in terms of time, experiences, life.

    • mishai

      this sounds good on paper but dont work in real world…..some people will be poor no matter money…

    • thedude325

      Yea, because if there were no money there would still be lust, pride, gluttony, wrath, etc. I like the idea of the quote but it isn't practical and isn't true.

  • Liong

    <img src=> Love is a fire, but whether it will warm your heart or burn your house down, you never know.<img src=>

  • motojunky27

    really liked this post

  • gasedsgasdga

    Twan never said [1]… that was Allen Grant.

  • Troels Kielland-Brandt Svane Madsen

    #19 That's Kierkegaard right there… But Tyler can have it.

    • mishai

      technicaly when you lost everything you are dead…and can do nothing…

      • Danno Maurer

        Tell that to those in Colorado who lost everything to the fires that have been burning all month.

    • Guest

      I agree with the statement, when you lose everything you don't care about what happens – you become a scary individual who has nothing and nobody to lose – thus being able to create from the rawness of being on the bottom. It is not a very uncomfortable place to be, but is important in times of growth if the length of the journey does not kill the desire to survive.

  • Alan

    KCCO John Smithe!

    • John Denver

      YeA!!!!!!! Dr. Mundrake!!!!!!

    • JustSayen

      We do, they just can't be heard over all the noise.

  • Alan

    #10 I wish we still had great philosophers like this around giving up inspirational quotes instead of people like Kim kardashian and Niki minaj trying to fill the void.

    • FoolOfATook

      We probably do, but too many people would rather watch Kardashian or similar crap than turn over to History and watch The Universe.

  • asd

    #29 yeah that's pretty hard, working on it.

  • hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr and commented:

  • twoscrewsloose


    George went from funny to an old angry douchebag

    • claude

      yeah, but you can't argue with him.

      • DCD

        Exactly. I suspect he was saying things twoscrewsloose didn't comprehend or didn't want to accept.

        • Guesty Puller

          Perhaps 2sl is a sub six foot mick?

          • Cecil

            Did you mean under six foot, or he has a dominatrix at home? I am a well over 6 foot 'Mick', so I am a bit curious at present.

            • MattyDeuce

              Yeah, the rocket scientist up there didn't understand that George was suggesting to have pride in your accomplishments and what you have actually done with your life, or be proud of what those around you are doing…not about the fact that you were "blessed" with a certain nationality upon your birth. How many of us know some "Irish" guys who "can drink sooooo much more than you" just because they say they are Irish? We all know we Americans are guilty of this as well. Just be proud of what you do, and hopefully, those accomplishments will help you have a better life.

    • Arcona

      I find him to be a talentless prick, i find these people that babble on and on about religion so tedious.. yeah we get it.. you don't believe it. now say something funny or sod off!

      • Urethra Franklin

        I think he was awesome. He chose not to believe in religion. I don't agree, but I can't dislike him for that. I always feel like the people who babble like you say are still trying to convince themselves. Its total Insecurity. No one wants to admit they dont know what the hell they are talking about

      • Goose

        What did he say about religion?

        • Arcona

          nothing here, but in his shows. people go to see something funny and instead its just him complaining

    • centsofhum, or..

      Wow so much hate for George Carlin? WTF ? Old angry doucebag? One of the best comedians that ever was and you call him a douchebag? I'm guessing you like comedians like Dane Cook, and Jim Gaffigan. Maybe even carrot top. Douche

    • Ben

      What if one my accomplishments is becoming American? I am super proud of that fact. America is the greatest country and it's a bummer that some Americans don't realize it…

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