Inspirational quotes that will warm your heart (30 Photos)

  • Sade

    #5 So… I read this babble in his voice >.<

  • drbman

    #30 amazing how I checked the redheads before this awesome post! Priorities!

  • Capn Spooky

    #6 I bet 50 shades of grey left a lot of women exhausted.

  • Adam L

    #17 goes out to Marty and Ned for the shit they pulled yesterday!

  • Dave

    One of my favorite posts that you guys do here. Thanks for the inspiration/motivation and KC&CO!

  • TruthSpeaker

    Ricans, Cubans, Italians, Mexicans and New Yorkers should really take this to heart…. the world hates your arbitrary pride…


  • Piper

    #13 Ted Danson?

  • TCSthesecond

    #27 the greatest message!

  • cmcb

    #19 Who wrote that for you, Brad?

  • SuperiorTo8

    #12 All the others I love. This one.. I just hope no one really depressed reads this

  • R&r

    My favorite post of the week. (flbp not included)

  • Ryansgirl

    #25 nice

  • thelonius

    This whole post was clearly stolen from ebaumsworld

    • Ryan

      its really pretty scandolous. they didnt even mention ebaums. weaksauce chive.

    • Ryan

      And now people thumbs down blatant material stealing? Lols.

  • John from the nati

    Life is like a whore…it will fuck you everytime.

    • Woop

      And then you pay for it.

    • logger

      all the while carrying herpes

  • Guest guestofferson

    #30 – unless you are a hotdog.

  • pritter72

    Bob Ross was the man!

    • logger

      bob ross speaks so softly

      • pritter72

        But he carried a big brush.

  • PubicJones

    Saw this on Ebaumsworld yesterday. Fuck you.

  • MohawkJon

    I work in security and I thought this up,
    "Those who run towards trouble are the farthest ones from it."
    Quite true when you run from one end of the hospital to the other for a code.

  • kylecali

    #1 anyone notice the quotation mark next to the "I" at the beginning was dropped? How did that happen in typing?

  • Cecil

    #27 They misspelled daughter(child who matters).

  • Kdrake

    ATTENTION ALL THAT VOTED FOR OBAMA: take notice to #13. – think about it.

  • I don't know l

    #5,#10 words to live by.

  • Me gusta

    Chris Rock is a fucking racist idiot! There is nothing inspirational about what he says. Who gives a flying fuck about what he has to say.

  • echogeo

    The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.
    ~Alexis de Tocqueville, 1830

  • chim richels

    #5 – if you get 'wisdom' from Chris Rock, then YOU are a fucking moron.

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