Let’s get stealth drunk (20 Photos)

  • Bangerang

    #10 is alright untill you step in a pile of dog shit. Just give me vodka in a water bottle.

  • kingdink

    #18 No one will ever suspect a tube of lipstick the size of a salt shaker.

  • deprydation


  • Al K. Hall

    #9 we did something similar back in the old days to smuggle booze into our college football games but actually would take thin tubing, like surgical tubing, fill it up, cap it off and wrap it around our body and have the end near the edge of a sleeve or pants leg for easy access. Worked like a charm but biggest drawback was filling the damn thing up.

    #12, #17, #18 Very ingenious!

  • Shiguy


  • svp

    sources please!!

    • jjj

      I have been researching a lot of this stuff the past few weeks. If you put in your post NEED or WANT i will look it up (unless it is completely ridiculous.) For locations/destinations just post that you want to know where it is. I'll try to find it.

      I even looked up all of the mountain/clouds ones when I couldn't sleep, but i didn't post them. If someone wants me to go back and post them, I will.

    • jjj

      I just looked most of them up and posted.

  • just4fun88

    I need all of this, NOW!!

  • KCCO410

    what if someone showed up with all this stuff

  • Shay

    #20 The Wine Rack!! I want one… but I'd end up wearing it to work…

  • Juliodinho

    #11 #12 I WANT!!!!!!!!


    Why not just store the alcohol in your stomach like a gentleman?

  • TheSimonizer

    #18 yeah. because having a lipstick the size of a flashlight isn't suspicious at all.

  • Luar

    #3 Ah, the good book

  • Uncle_Milty

    #11 unfortunately never made it to manufacturing, they only received 70/10,000$ to kick start their product. Chivers, of all 'causes to rally behind this is it and the time is now!

    Here is the blog that sheds the unfortunate news on the iphone flask.



  • DTPowell

    Chive you forgot the greatest hidden flask yet. The freedom Flask. http://freedomflask.com/

  • Dan

    #20 Just another way for women to fake having big boobs

  • me...BN!!!

    TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

  • Zuke

    #2, totally convincing. No way that would draw attention.

    #12 There's…an app for that? Idk, looks pretty convincing to me. Also, that's the first and probably the last time I'm using the "there's an app for that" line.

    And as for number 20, if it was a dude doing the drinking that would work out pretty well. He'd slowly get drunker and hornier thus completely canceling out the effects of her boobs slowly shrinking. Then all they'd have to do is make one with nozzles that are set up to look like nipples and the situation would be perfect.

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  • Ravienne_Cullen

    #9 Mmm… Warm beer.. Just what everyone wants to drink.

  • jjj

    #1 Belt buckle flask. picture shows 2oz. Amazon has 3oz airplane safe one for $9.99.

  • SPCToast

    If you own any of these, or want to, you may have a drinking problem.

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