The highest point on every continent (18 HQ Photos)

Found via Twistedsifter

  • Jack

    #13 – Chive on Royal Rangers, Chive on!

  • burr-gnur

    If you made the earth the size of a billiards ball, Everest would not be noticeable.

  • marcussam

    This is badly making me plan a mountain trip instead of beach trip this summer….=|

  • Macro

    #13 WTF is a "free-standing" mountain? Are other ones propped up?

    • Fred

      It is the highest mountain from its base to the tip. Everest is higher, but so is its base as it is standing in the middle of the Himalayas which are all very tall mountains.

  • B-to-the-H

    #1, #2 – Color coding fail. But awesome pics of the peaks!

  • tmm

    vinson first pic is mt shinn, second is tyree i think. same range

  • Daniel Vargas Soto

    I wasn't aware AMERICA were two separate continents and Australia (and not OCEANIA) was a continent…
    it's really sad to see this in a site I love so much

    • Anon

      North and South America are two Seperate continents you halfwit. I understand you may be stupid and didn't listen in school, but you have this thing called the Internet with all sorts of info… Use it before wasting oxygen

  • Kiki Castro

    Dear neighbors from the south : Australia is a contry not a continent, the continent is called "Oceania", also Central America and the Carabeans aren't part of North America.
    Sincerely, a concerned neighbor from Quebec who knows her geography.

  • MadMan66

    I thought America's highest was Lil Wayne…

    • Don

      No.. That's America's dumbest.

  • rex

    i guess the asians have the biggest………….

  • M.O.T.

    Bitch please, the highest point in Europe is Amsterdam.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #1 tallest mountain on land from base to summit. Everest goes higher above sea level but It starts on higher ground, so as a mountain, it's actually shorter.

  • Brad Lee Chung

    Maunakea is the tallest from its base to top. But not highest above sea level…

  • Anon

    You know what this map originated from the USA because the contents have to be labelled… Seriously it's primary (elementary) school geography…

  • Brian Hinrup

    Would have loved to show you all a picture of myself in a Chive shirt at the top of Mt. Kenya, but unfortunately, I chose to wear my fridaybar t-shirt…

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