When the zombie apocalypse comes, will you be ready? (25 Photos)

  • Macro

    #6 Enjoy your hanging deathtrap.

  • Dotson

    #1 Those cheap-ass steak knifes would break off pretty damn quick. And I highly doubt your black and decker drill will give enough torque to split open the skulls of Zombies.

  • John

    Am I the only one who sees fire and flamethrowers as the best weapons to use against zombies????

    • Doo

      Yes. They'd just be on fire when they eat you

      • John

        They're dried up, methane producing, husks. They should turn to ash in seconds.

  • boob_cuddle


  • Andie

    #14 is used to chase tornadoes but i guess it could also defend against zombies

  • fun with drugs

    what fucking zombie apocalypse? who's popularizing this shit. where did this stupid ass zombie apocalypse come from

    • Aoi

      Dude your brain is going to be so eaten at the first day of the zombie apocalypse

  • TexasPop

    Sniper rifle…..don't get to close! They bite! Damn Bath salts.

  • http://twitter.com/JJrrake @JJrrake

    Refer to the above comments

    • Habsy

      or delete your comment because you got thumbs down.

  • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.henson.925 Andrew Henson

    #20 what is it… aside from a must have

  • mudmonkey

    Most zombific post ever.

  • Paul

    Thats a lot of copy/paste

  • Trex

    #10 and #12 are the best

  • Ketut

    #25 Zombies can't swim??

  • Paul

    What happens when the trench is full and ya need to empty it so they dont just walk over to you. #11

    • Yarr

      Get out the gasoline and marshmallows, it's bonfire time!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.adam.904 Michael Adam

    # 8 is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen

  • ZippoDoomBox

    #11 If your world is based on a side scrolling video game and the Enemies don't come from behind, your golden.

  • Needlegun13

    #8 Holy. Fucking. Awesomeshit.

  • hmmmmmmmm

    #11 If enough zombies fall in wont they eventually be able to walk across all the other zombie bodies in the pit?

  • Ale

    25 is in my back yard score!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/thor.prosise Thor Prosise

    13 Is shitty photoshop…. cmon guys really where do you put the bullets.

  • Physicist

    If they're dead, wouldn't they just rot away after a few weeks?

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  • 7_CFSD

    All that Tech and only one that I would feel ok with is # 10, cause it probley wont brea, doesnt need fuel or ammo,

  • Lindsey

    I just want to be able to know one of these people that own this stuff when the zombies come.

  • Jim

    #1 This guy should have looked at his shirt for a better weapon idea. Skull Hammer, great metal band from Boston btw… m/(> . <)m/

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