Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • Freddy

    #50 we need more lots more

    • Jason

      Def need moar of the custom Chive wakesurf board

  • Holy Shit WTF

    CAn you post that web address again, i missed it.

  • sid206

    #3 #417 #32 #36 #45 #56

    YEESSSS!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH WIN!

  • Joe

    It is my lifes mission to find #56

  • davesmith

    #17 Wins!

  • rodman

    Cute cowgirl looking over the Saddledome! Yeehaw!

  • Stl cards

    Chive where the hell is she at? We must have lots more!!

  • Mike Jones

    nothing beats the Tu bazooka! NOTHING! Lotta my favorite photos on here from the week. Well played, Bobbe.

  • Whubbsie


    Best cat picture ever!

  • Hubert Brandys

    Finally a Calgary Chivette!!

  • Big Bell

    #32 Damn! that ass is a bite me squeeze me grab me hug me and stare at me ass!

  • Javier Vera

    Sweet mother of God!!!!!!

  • derron


  • OneillNataliama

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  • ROR

    Dear Chive, thank you for continuing to post almost naked chicks on your "adult" website. I love not seeing nipples. Nothing screams "We don't give a shit about your rules and we'll do what we want" like having a nipple that has to be covered. Saying "fuck" dozens of times (like on your site) would get a movie an R rating. Know what else R rated movies have? Nipples. Thank you for your half-assed censorship.

    • Andy

      Poor baby, were you offended?

  • mso4ivp

    #4 #8 #17 #25 Great way to end my week and start my Saturday!!

  • tackelbox

    #28 #4 #8 yes yes yes. Keep up the good work ladies.

  • CAD

    There is no end to how bad #47 disturbs me. I wont sleep for weeks.

  • Todd

    #20 how the fuck is this part of best photos of the week????

  • OneEndedStick

    #47 Jaws from James Bond?

  • ncs

    25 what a horrible waste of a pretty girl
    tattoos really disfigure natural beauty

  • Bob

    #32 more

  • Stian

    #12 ❤

  • Big C

    Parents answered the phone 90% of the time, thanks to caller ID.

  • NCChiver

    #17 Oh Wow. MOAR plz

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