Friday Dopamine Dump (40 photos)

  • Pete

    #36 Giordonos?

  • Anthony DeGiulio

    #12 Mmmm, love me some burnt ass bacon.

  • prune

    #28 Am I the only one that had the lion king opening theme song playing in my head when they saw this?

  • batdoc

    #9 Poison Ivy! Find her!!

  • Lance Larsen

    Number 18. Bathtub races Moravia New York?!

  • MikeyT

    #39 FIND PLS!

  • Ricky Runyon

    #12 = Heaven, #14 = Priceless

  • Derby

    Both of those will kill ya

  • Gary

    #21 that's at Royal Carribeans private island. I have been on that and it's intense!!

  • scha7881

    Its never a good idea to fry bacon without a shirt on…Ill let this one pass.

  • Hunter_BZ

    #7 I hope that is a burger stand. They look hungry.

  • nuccabay

    #27 laughed way harder than i should have

  • NEVER!!!

    #24…. want!

  • Jens

    #8 – Because they are at Carlsberg (Denmark)

  • FunKiller

    #9 I'm going to add to the masses and say the chic on the right…..hopefully we can get her to be Chivette of the week….we want MOAR!!!!

  • Macro

    #9 Ivy girl is doin' it right

  • Rob

    Wow this was a terrible post, please step up your game next week.

  • Ray

    #39 MOAR!

  • @nickinwarcal

    #20 what the actual fuck?

  • Jedi

    #30 and #34… just saying… ARE AMAZING

  • heelboy

    #9 OMG that's Poison Ivy she is wearing!!!! Quick, take it off and please allow me to treat that by repeatedly applying some Calamine lotion to the affected areas.

  • heelboy

    #7 Who among us wouldn't just love to be that logo right now? Sniff, Sniff, smells fresh to me! nom, nom, nom, nom

  • claire

    #5 Falkor?

  • Bryan Tiboni

    #12 mmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaa, mmm boooooooooooooooooo, mmmm, baaaaaaac, mmmmmmmm, boooooooooooooo, mmmmmmmm, baaaaaaaaa

  • Trygve

    #8 my Grandfather was the foreman who constructed the elephants

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