Get used to disappointment, kid (7 Photos)

  • Static

    What is wrong with all of you!??? seriously you are calling this poor kid a spoiled brat? When the parents were DICKHEADS for putting a GB in 3DS packaging??? that is a total A-HOLE DICK MOVE!! I am a parent and couldnt imaging getting my kids so excited then pulling the rug out from under him and laughing. wow… thats like saying "Were going to Disney! but really only driving by it on the way to taco bell".

    • Aosuke

      Finally. Was beging to wonder if I was the only one who thought this was seriously bent. I don't understand parents who would do this to their kids. It's cruel. Where do people get the idea he's spoiled? Because he cried? He's eight. Eight year olds tend to cry when someone crushes their hopes.

    • 5Eagles

      Well said. The boy looks like a nice kid in the pics (which is all we have to judge him by, so shame on us…we don't know enough about him anyway), he is completely led to believe he's getting a newer hand held, and then is massively let down. Most kids would have the same reaction, spoiled or not. Even if the kid IS spoiled, this is still a dick move by the parents…
      Now, do some similar let down prank to your grown up buddy, now THAT could be funny.

    • Lowrent75

      Thank you!! I posted some shit on here and got creamed by a bunch of childless dickbags. I could not imagine doing this to my kids.

  • Awesome

    Greenville, PA

  • heathclif

    Gameboy Color? I didn't know they had those. I had the OG Gameboy and I was damn happy to have it. Batman was the coolest game.

    • Cody

      no sir…bat man "IS" the coolest "everything", "EVER"

  • Sade

    #7 This is fucked up. I feel sad for him 😦

  • Bluebottle

    That's just mean. Would an adult be considered "spoilt" if you took them to a Lamborghini store and gave them the keys to a scooter? I mean, a scooter is great. But not when you could have had a Lamborghini.

  • Joe

    THe kid is a little bitch. Nut up you brat.

  • Miles

    #7 HAHAHAHA!!! Ungrateful little crybaby. Grow some balls & go play outside.

  • Bryan

    Who cares if you had worse shit as a kid. was your worse shit wrapped in something better. NO. stfu. this post is retarded. If it was just in a gameboy color box sure thats fine. dont troll your own kid. fucking brilliant.

    • Anomanom

      Yes, occasionally it was.

  • CootchSnapper

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? How in the world is it OK to make your child cry on his birthday? How is he ungrateful? A gift that is wrapped in disappointment is just a cruel prank for his parent's amusement. Can you even still buy gameboy games? Wanting something and not getting it is what builds character, but having that thing cruelly dangled in front of you by your parents in order to humiliate you is what builds psychopaths.

    Chive, I think we'll need some follow up on this one.

  • Shawn

    Get over it! GBC was/is amazing kid!

  • Andrew Parrett

    Lighten up, clearly those are tears of joy. Who wouldn't be that happy to receive a GBC on their special day.

  • Joshua Lopez

    looks like pics from 90s…. hence gameboy color

  • grimotr

    My brother and sister got cars for their 17 birthday – i got a hot wheels car – my dad thought it was soooo funny…i think i might have thrown it at him and walked away…i was angry, not coz there was no real car, but coz they took joy in my pain…little wonder i dont have any contact with my family twenty years on. id never do that to anyone.

    • Thror

      That sums it up neatly.

      It not even that they took joy in your pain, but they intentionally set up the situation that caused you that pain. It makes you wonder, I supposed, if the cars your older siblings got were all part of the setup to embarrass you. I'm sure that's crossed your mind…

  • huskernut

    Life can at times be tough kid – suck it up, mow someone's lawn and EARN IT!

  • mark

    That was cruel……….

  • Warren

    It is 2012, he may sue his parents, then divorce them.

  • Tim

    Kid just learned 2 valuable life lessons:
    1. You don't always get what you want.
    2. Just because they're your parents doesn't mean they're not assholes.

    • blurb

      I'd trade that gamboy in for a bus ticket to Grandma's house.

  • Blue bronco

    Maybe buy the kid a tshirt?

  • Zuke

    What the hell is with all the douches here calling the kid spoiled and pretending like he has no reason to be upset? "Hurr, look at how tough I am, I can act unsympathetic towards people!". While I can't speak for everyone, I'm fairly sure nobody is impressed.

    Being spoiled has nothing to do with it. If he'd gotten a gameboy color in a gameboy color box and still reacted that way then his reaction would absolutely be inappropriate. The point is he's a kid, got really excited that he got what he wanted, and then opened it to find he didn't. Just because he's crying doesn't mean he's completely unappreciative, it means he's upset that he got his hopes up that much and got the rug pulled out from under him, kind of like the large majority of kids, no, people in general would be.

    • Thror

      Yeah, it's not exactly surprising that an eight-year-old would wear his emotions on his sleeve. This didn't exactly look like a tantrum, did it? It had the look of a kid that wanted a cake, got shown the cake, got to smell the cake, then got liver and onions.

  • Ugghhh

    Y'all are dicks for calling that kid spoiled. He's a fucking kid who got a Game Boy in a 3DS box. I'd be upset too.

  • nuccabay

    my mom woulda kicked my ass if i reacted that way to a gift…then it woulda been my dads turn

  • -k9

    Fuck kid! It ain't playdoh!!!! Now go cry some more you fucking sissy!

  • jr.

    I never got a Gameboy let alone a DS or 3DS. Fucking spoiled kids!
    I want this, I want that, I want more, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!!!

  • stonewall_79

    Fuck you then stupid kid.

  • Danno

    I had to trade a footlocker full of playboy for my first gameboy pocket. though I won't slam on the kid cuz it is in the 3ds box.

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