Madurodam looks enough like a regular city… (34 Photos)


  • @EricDytzel

    I remember going there as a kid back in the 1960's when my family lived in Germany. Very cool place.

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    #12 Those poor tiny people. They will never stand a chance.

  • Macro

    Anyone else wanna go Godzilla on this thing like I do?

  • oneillnataliam

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  • oneillnataliam

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  • Devin

    Every part of me really wants to crush this town like Godzilla.

  • JoeyW311


  • saltygary

    Cool but lego-land is more fun.

  • GernBlansten

    The seagulls win on the freaky factor. Spider second. Humans, please.

    More importantly…. YeahOKWhy?

  • Codyyyy

    Oh what I would give to play a game of Godzilla VS Power Rangers there. Costumes, sparks and all. I'll be buying my lottery tickets tonight.

  • Madcap Laughs

    Oooh, looks just like Holland das vierd

  • Kace Face

    Beetlejuice would never want to be called out of that one

  • Jawbone

    "How interesting," Said no one ever.

  • DaDutch

    Been there….VERY COOL ! But it's probably a good idea to stay away from the pot cafe's before you go or else you might start acting like Godzilla and be asked to leave before you make all the children there do the same thing…….. Just saying'…….. Not that I did that……….CHIVE ON !!!!

  • logger

    curing cancer right after ive shit in a bucket

  • Brad

    Didn't they destroy this city at the end of the movie Hot Fuzz?


    Bob, you should find the one they used on Hot Fuzz.

  • Rutger

    Well, it's not a representation of óne city, it's a collection of Dutch landmarks, like windmills and the Rotterdam harbor. And yes, some things move and I believe some boats can be controlled to a certain extent! I used to love coming here as a child (still do actually…)

  • Us3rN4me

    Thank you – thirty years ago, as a kid, took a few trips to Madurodam. Amazing place and even more special having seen it on theChive – amazing! Thank you again for the posting.

  • Glenn

    I visited Madurodam last year, it is pretty cool. Also you should check out Mini-Europe in Brussells if you like this kind of thing.

  • mrjimmyos

    I have no words for such awesome craftsmanship!

  • Gob

    suddenly, space marines

  • Padresfan420

    Now to click on every natural disaster possible…oh wait. thats another game…

  • Bob

    #1 great but guessed before clicking, you can tell from the water…

  • Chiver4Life

    Deep inside theCHIVE lives a nerdy old man, and I love him.

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