There’s just something alluring about Asian women (34 Photos)

  • TokyoFace

    #13 … i saw somewhere on the internets that these two were dudes

    • Maximiliaanvdv

      You just ruined my day, damn it!

    • Alex

      Their girls… lol
      from kpop group : Sistar

      • Jak


    • Caleb

      If it's on the interwebs it HAS to be true!

    • michael1922100

      in your deepest fantasies, maybe

    • CowboyChiver

      Those dudes have pretty nice tits…

    • Zuke

      Yeah, well you can't always trust the internet. I read someone claim that 90% of males are gay, does that mean 9/10 of the dudes are taking it in the butt when I'm not looking? I hope not…maybe only a part of me hopes not. A part of me hopes somehow it's true and suddenly they all come out of the closet and leave me and the rest of the 10% of males who like women to reproduce…ok, all of me hopes it's true. Unfortunately the lack of grunts coming from the stalls in every male bathroom tells me otherwise.

    • emi

      Theyre not, theyre hyorin and bora kpop stars..

  • STeve


    • Keyser Soze

      Great! you skipped through a post to become the first person to type something! You missed a heck of a lot of great pictures for your "accomplishment".

      Send The Chive your address, I am sure they will mail you out a cookie for the gigantic accomplishment.

      • STeve

        You're welcome.

  • It's a trap

    #7 no way you'd still be hungry after eating that

    • TheWizz

      thought her shirt said super screw. appropriate im sure.

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      #31 would fill you up as well. Hey…wait…

    • eric

      trisha lynn…just thought u'd wanna know if u didnt already..

    • Holy Shit WTF

      Va china!

    • fun with drugs

      this one is super cute but blondes all the way

  • ICUP

    #11 and #13. Find them and I shall name my first child Chive.

    • Drew

      Those in the GIF appear to be Hyorin and Bora of the K-Pop group SISTAR.

      Moar is called for, those two really are gorgeous.

    • keith

      sistar 19

    • Alex

      #13 should be the group Sistar (kpop group) dance practice of their song : Ma Boy.
      find it on youtube 🙂
      don't know the #11 sorry.

    • ebot

      The two dancers are from a Korean Pop group named Sistar 19 just look up "Ma Boy" video. This video was banned for a while in Korea apparently it was deemed "too sexy."

    • Shawny

      Had sex with an Asian girl once their vaginas run this way —– I think

    • Lex

      #11 is Rina Akiyama. Oh, and I will want to see the birth certificate of your 1st born!!


      one on the right is "SISTAR19". you can find them on youtube! search for "Ma Boy" or "SISTAR19"

  • Vic

    seriously where are all the asian chivettes!?!?

    • max

      probably behind closed doors working on their triganometry homework

      • PHappy

        True, they don't get bored at work. They have real jobs.
        Also, I think some of these girls are Latino, they probably get bored at work if they bother to show up

    • Mmhm

      They probably don't send pictures cuz they know if they don't have heaving breasts, the Chivers will say they are 13-year-olds.

      • Hay

        or boys dressing as girls

  • Rina

    #7 #31 sexxxxxxy

    • zoxymusic

      Is it me, or are her eyes different colors in each shot?

      • Nana

        Can't stand chicks that wear colored contacts…

        • LeynaRina

          Ah yeah, definitely looks different in both.

          • Captain Obvious

            She looks so much better with her natural eye color.

        • Alex

          Ur an idiot!!!

  • ash

    #7 and #31, if looks could kill!!!!

    • jimbozo

      You would be an Uzi
      You're a shotgun – BANG!

  • Nicetomeetu

    Nothing like a bit of Asian Persuasion to start friday the 13th off. How bad could this day be after that!

    • theproblemis

      the problem with looking at asian chicks on the internet is, most of the time they have penises and are dudes.

  • RealZoo

    $5 #7 #9 #31…Needing a little Asian persuasian!

  • LOL

    ummm… sweet

    • g-man


  • QuiXotic

    #19 Sistar 19…K Pop ftw!!

    • QuiXotic

      Make that #13 =P

    • Proscrabbledabbler

      I used your name in scrabble just moments ago. Any chance you are related to quincunx? I played that word a few days ago.

  • Lawrence Panis


  • beserker

    #31 er'day er'day er'day!!!

  • beserker

    #17 ready for action!!!

    • John

      I'm ready for action contact me

  • Jackie Treehorn

    I officially have yellow fever

  • ...

    "something alluring"….ya mean tits

    • goatpunch

      also, this has to be the largest collection of Asians with all c cup or bigger that has ever been assembled.

  • mali_sapun

    #6 Megumi Kagurazaka
    I recommend movie 'Cold fish'

  • cookit

    I want to see her bounce

    • Barf

      And then again in 30 min

    • kaiser

      look up "anri sugihara". you'll see her bounce.

  • Mr_Taco

    #7 and #17 Do want!

    • Big Bell

      what about a red head asian??

  • XL22

    Need more of these post! Wow! I will take this over the redhead post! Yeah I said it! Who's with me?!?!?

  • Wogsamatta

    I dont like Asian women, they have pixelated vagina's.

    • CT Chiver

      Just the Japanese ones, it's a law of some sort.

    • Barf

      I thought they had it slanted not pixelated?

      • thorthechiver

        Swing and a miss

    • chunsiang

      so all asian women equal to pornstar in your eyes?

  • ChiTownChiver

    Any women that look like this would be effing hot. So yeah, when asians look this insanely hot, I'm all about em.

  • Stephen Davidson

    I wish they aged better…still have Asian fever tho!

    • Danny

      No one ages better than Asians! You out yo fuckin mind?

      • Carter2


      • blah

        have you ever seen a 40 year old asian LOL they age badly
        unless you have a thing for yoko ono

        • Keyser Soze

          All asians must age like the one you know the name of.

  • Liong

    <img src=>Awesome #20 Asian girl's skin is so good, white and tender, Looks very delicious<img src=>

    • Nana

      Too much makeup on this girl though.

    • LuketheTerrible

      i agree, but still a little creepy.

    • Macro

      Photoshop is a helluva drug

  • Yolo

    KCRO – Keep Calm Rice On

    • Child Please

      Your name would be yolo.

      • Arcona

        you mean yoro.. it already is yolo…

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