Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (20 HQ Photos)

  • danielson

    I needed this.

    • Gromace

      As did I!

    • Clint Bozic

      I really need to find these places

  • Dave Sanders

    #8 AMAZING!!!

    • Guest

      She's got a real devilish look in her eyes. Makes you want to follow up and see where it will go.

  • Jawbone

    #17 Holy no-tits, Batman!

    • YouDicklessBitch

      Stay classy… you douche.

      • MrStiggy91

        He's kinda got a point though. But her face is gorgeous.

        • meh

          no tits and face is average-

      • talkan

        Cant stay where he wasn't.

    • Sir mix a lot

      Boobies are for babies.. Rookie..

    • wearyhobo

      you savage.

    • dochandy

      nothing like the posters hanging in your mom's basement, right? you had to let your dick go for a whole 30 seconds to write that comment. awesome.

    • Casey_KCCO

      Boobs are boobs. You're just bitching because you'll never get them. Now go crawl back to the dungeon of your mom's basement and fap.

  • Rotary wankle engine

    #1, #2 &#12 are quite awesome!

    • T.K.

      I believe #12 is Irina Shayk or wth her name is. Ronaldos girl.

    • Got_heem

      #1 is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen

    • canuckx

      Absolutely positively without a doubt. Take me to nowhere now please!!

    • Google User
  • SpecialToast

    #1 #14 I love girls with nose piercings.

    • Guest

      Kept having the impulse to reach out with my finger and flick that thing off of number 1's nose. Very distracting.

  • MrStiggy91


    That smile!

    • Dick

      That smile would look a lot better with some pubic hair in it. Preferably mine!! Am I right….. Eh?!?!….. Eh!?!? 💦💦🙆

    • Justin Russell

      I want to have babies with her!

    • KAG

      It's Eurfrat

      • Kodos


  • baihui

    #1 #17 Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful?

  • TomatoTipper

    #1 Good lord

    • James Ramos

      Can we send the FIND team out for her asap?

    • DaddyJax

      Heart stopped! Wow! Must have more!!

    • johnny

      so far i have found is where the photo originated. looks to be russian or something

    • UmbraFractus

      "Good lord…"

      …what is that thing on her nose! :S

    • Patrondub

      #1 Natali Danish

    • Randy

      What gaytards are going around clicking dislikes on finding this girl? She is wonderful in many ways!

  • Charter896

    High def pics, so much better

  • UtahChiver

    All Hot!

  • no hippy chicks

    #9 is hot???

    • Dick

      Yes. Are you gay? That's not a problem, but if you have to ask if that girl is hot…. You are gay.

      • Macro

        Simmer down. She's not that hot.

      • Colin Farrell

        she ain't that hot. go back to fapping in your mom's basement.

      • Lotus

        Very bold move, going with the "you're gay" defense.

        • Dick

          Hey. You're kind o witty. I bet you get tons of pussy. Go get gang raped by a pack of sweaty white truckers and die of AIDS

    • TomatoTipper

      Eating low fat yogurt and wacking off to Mrs. Doubtfire.

    • LuketheTerrible

      except for the tattoos, I find her quite hot.

    • Ceejay

      Gorgeous green eyes.

    • Anonymous

      Meh, at best

  • Ed Koy

    #17 please!

  • Rodi

    #1 Can probably make me do anything….

    • mmmm...poop

      eat a piece of poop?

      • caleb

        Sorry I ate your chocolate covered squirrel.

    • LuketheTerrible

      but she would only ask you to go away.

    • boll

      yup my first thought was …oh that girl is dangerously hot

  • JimmyBoPeep

    #10 is a real highlight for me, but they're all beautiful. I love this post.

    • What_Tha

      Diana Morales

  • @iamdarktickpark

    #10 moar!!

  • Christopher Lang

    #1 = amazing #4 = because beach bum beauty

  • gma

    #6 very visually interesting

  • skeet

    #1 drop dead gorgeous!! MOAR!!!

    • 88 cents

      Who is she???

  • kal50

    #2 You're doing it right!

  • DieselFreak

    #11 There's just somethin bout a girl and a truck!

  • Riptide Racing

    #1 is drop dead gorgeous!!!

    • Patrondub

      natali danish

  • Logs

    #16 MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • Mark B.

    <img src=>Awesome, sweet my honey, I can't make myself #8<img src=>

  • KC & ThunderUp

    #1 again and again…

  • Arcona

    #2 has a loooovely tushie!

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