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Soooo…. you got wasted (28 Photos)

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  • OhioChiver

    #3 Probably a future Xerox salesman and his future "ex" wife. 😉

    • Carter2

      Soulless does not matter ;D

    • fish

      He ain't gettin laid tonight. Not unless he wants to bathe in her vomit.

  • Carter2

    #22 – Boobies. Your argument is invalid.

  • Austin Eckardt

    #28 How wasted can you be to get taped to a mattress with a sign slapped to your forehead, and not wake up mid tape?

    • Nic Scaramozi

      Haha! I was completely hammered! I had been drinking Milwaukee Best Ice all day at the beach. Then we went to the bar where I was kicked out for passing out cold in the bathroom and breaking a stall divider. My friends got me home and as revenge they stood a mattress up and held me against it while one of them wrapped me with Saran Wrap. Then they threw the mattress down. It was a horrible way to wake up…

      • Austin Eckardt

        Well! At least you got a story out of it!

  • Bbomb

    Needs more bewbs

  • chelo

    #20 project x

    • Sean

      University of Colorado

  • Todd Kingry

    And that's how they all died.

  • Kodos

    Ken says: "JACKPOT!"

    • Argonut

      Her ass in kinda fat….

  • seth

    #7 passed out without putting any weight on her cheek……seems legIt!!!

  • Adel Arellano

    Hey Paula! #12 "Dear diary ….. jackpot!"

  • Mighty

    #12 challenge accepted 🙂

    # 14 she burn her bra

  • Matticus

    #19 Can't say I haven't done that before

  • Scott Hoffman

    #17 Where did that come from!!! me want Canadian KCCO!!!

  • Mitch Japczyk

    #15 Professional work here

  • Dr Boobs

    #19 Who needs a tent when your sweatshirt doubles as one!

  • Hummmmmm....

    #22 Not sure if really wasted or a kind of suicide attempt for help.

  • fernsyla

    #2 a for effort mom

  • TJO12082

    The blonde on the right side of #10 needs to be found ASAP!!!

  • Raul Bear Barron

    #21 The Hoppy Monk, El Paso,TX

  • WTF Mate

    #17 Canada has some of the hottest bitches in the world… I can't say the same about their men

  • SigEpRider

    #21 Hoppy Monk El Paso, TX. We are finally getting on the map. KCCO

  • Ram This

    #20 CU Boulder baby!

  • yoyoma

    #22 = MOAR!

  • Anonymous.

    I can't work out who is lamer, Paula "trolling" or all the ppl hating on Paula.

    It's the internet, no one gives a shit.

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  • Heathen

    #15 pointless

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