An abandoned aircraft hangar gets a new purpose (8 Photos)

  • sebastian


    • ED209


      • sebastian

        first again

        • Tom

          KCCO bro! People who hate "firsters" should really smoke some green and relax. I repeat, KCCO.

  • SuttonClark

    Looks like 2 reasons to go to Germany. Waterpark and beer.

    • REEBUS

      and the woman dont forget 😉

      • durka_durka1

        and the Autobahn

    • Rye

      And the Bratwurst.

    • vindi

      You know we have that in the US, it's called outside.

      • SuttonClark

        Oh, my bad. I should have put "This waterpark and beer". I didn't realize I was going to be trolled. I will certainly do better next time.

      • glitched

        yes but its not beautiful all year round.

  • Vent187

    When are they going to do this to the Irvine, CA hangers?

    • Random Sandle

      You don't have enough coast line in CA?

    • RevBot5

      Why would they when the actual beach is a 10 minute drive?

      • basic

        So they can have a skin-cancer free water park… 😉

    • Jeffzero

      Pffft why would CA EVER want to do something that might generate more money than it spends? That kind of thinking would maybe get them solvent again. You silly kid you..

      • Please don't

        Tell us more about your politics.

        • _L_

          While Jeffzero was being quite facetious, he is correct. California is in a precarious economic position, much like every place nowadays. Your response just shows the air that surrounds politics these days. It is similar, if not equivalent to, sports rivalries. Team X can never work with Team Y because Team X is Team X. I'd rather have a winner than a political equivalent.

          • gnocco


    • Gurudel

      I also think you mean Tustin. The Tustin Air base is where the old hangars are. And El Toro doesnt have anything that large on it.

  • InvertedCheeze

    as weird as it is…. still better than work :/

  • jeff c.

    Now that is pretty awesome!

  • mdb

    Looks like people are tanning there…

  • James Ramos

    New destination on my life list now!

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #1 Yes, but is it zombie proof?

    • Rich

      yes sir, yes it is

    • chunsiang

      dead hangar

  • J. Sandusky


    • jared

      viva los biodome!

    • Outlaw

      My thoughts exactly. You want to roam in the dome, and have a beer with a deer? Come party at Bio-Dome!

  • Static

    that is awesome!

  • Garrett Krohn

    Why? Why the hell not!

    • Yo Mamma

      Because Fuck you. that's why.

  • guest


  • Donato Spina

    tropical island ist hammaaa ❤

  • TXCherokee

    It is the 'wave' of the future.

  • Dennis

    I went there when I was stationed in Germany. It was pretty awesome.

  • Swamp1983

    They should do that the Astrodome

    • Billy

      Send this link to the mayor……………..

      • daddy

        Or you could just drive to Galveston… You know that island 30 minutes away, the one thats surrounded by water. Yeah that one, with actual beaches. You know, that place that already has an indoor water park. Astroworld didn't survive, this wouldn't either.

        • ttukevin

          have you ever been to Galveston?

        • April C

          You don't want to go to Galveston. Seriously.

  • Bradyized

    That is insane and awesome.

  • mike

    looks like the ship from wally

  • Guest

    Where in Germany is this?

  • yourmother

    only if they did this to the mellon arena instead of tearing it down for a parking lot

  • Guest

    Now try and get a sunbed!

  • DoC

    Next step up – Truman Show.

  • Rich

    Some mad German got the idea to bring back blimps as freight transport but ran out of cash (shock horror) and a bunch of Malaysian (i think) business men bought it and turned it into that. Its an awesome place to go, i was there 4 years ago with a bunch of jugglers, had a right time!!!

    Also be weary of the Blue slide

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #1 Looks like the outside of a Trackmania racetrack

  • Pdiddy

    Where are the bikini photos? FLBP and gaps? C'mon!

    • Shrouded Day

      They are in other areas of the site. Go look there and leave the normal people alone, whydon'tcha?


        He's talking about bikini photos from the indoor beach in this post. Not entirely unreasonable to expect posts of such bikini-clad women in such a location to accompany said post of same location.

        Good day.

    • Chezz

      you have an entire internet to utilize. now run along.

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