An abandoned aircraft hangar gets a new purpose (8 Photos)

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #3 & #4 Looks like they changed things around a bit.

  • Evan852

    will paulie shore be there playing safety dance over the loudspeakers? if not, i'm not interested

  • Verbal_Kint

    It's like the Truman show…

  • Moosi

    The place is called "Tropical Island" and is just around 70 kilometers south-east of Berlin.
    Before the hall was transformed into a tropical paradise it was meant to be the construction place for a gigantic zeppelin called "Cargolifter" which should be able to carry a load of approximately 160t from continent to continent.
    Tried to go there right after christmas, but it was so crowded, the waiting time was more than 3h! So if you want to go there, check if it's holiday time in Germany!
    KCCO from Munich

  • fed

    this was just a test before building their base on the dark side of the moon… be aware

  • I4froid

    It’s a blimp hanger, dumbass….

  • Shauwean

    It's like BioDome, RIP Pauly Shore

  • Texasdad

    Houston Astrodome……just found the solution for it. Houston needs to take some notes and figure out that is a great idea for it.

  • logger


  • Mike

    Damm! That's a big ass dome. I would like to see that in person one day.

  • MistaDabolina

    these are the kinds of things that are going right in the world.
    it almost gives me hope for humanity

  • NCChiver

    This place looks absolutely amazing. Who ever come up with this idea was brilliant. Slide looks like it could be fun but it needs a wave pool.

  • Steve


  • joegpaint

    I've gotten hammered there.

  • Schawing

    Very cool, well played Germany, well played.

  • Top_Hand

    Yet, in Houston Texas people want to tear down the Astrodome, once the eight wonder of the world. Sad day when the Germans out-wit Americans.

  • Underhill

    Do they allow ultra-lights or hot-air balloons?

    • 99mike

      They should have a bungie jump platform at the top of the dome as well.

  • Tommy

    they have stuff like this and they come to see America why?!

  • Bangarang

    Holy shit.. They made bio-dome a reslity

  • TXsignguy

    Produces its own artificial sun?

  • Jennie Krueger

    I want to go to there!

  • ben

    feels like wall-e all over again..except on land

  • 99mike

    I call dibs on this place as my zombie apocalypse bunker.

  • jake

    I live in Seattle and in the winter/spring I would be there every day. Anyone listening at Boeing???

  • Eric Paul
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