And now here’s a whopper with 1000 slices of cheese — one moment while I vomit (26 Photos)

Via Rocketnews24

  • Elyery

    Why? Just why?

    • stingray

      its called being a "hey look at me" kind of guy. there is no way that could taste good. i hope he liked his 15mins of fame. hope he cant take a shit for a week

    • HumpDan

      Had it been a whopper with 1000 slices of bacon, hold on… I'm calling Burger King.

      • dumb americans

        good. then you americans can die off even quicker.

        • Americans

          He's a Japanese reporter ordering from a Burger King in Japan. It maybe took 30 seconds to find this out. Who's the dumb one?

          • d1sturbed91

            Ohhhhhhhh the ignorant asshole got burned. Sucks when you turn out to be the dumbass, doesn't it buddy? Obviously this shows dumb people exist everywhere

      • Justin

        i used to work at bk and some guy asked for an entire package of bacon on a whopper once. we gave it to him, cost him like $65 bucks. stacked like a foot high or more. ridiculously awesome

    • Dr_StrangePants

      to beat homer simpson's record

    • CEngChiver

      Why not?

  • Coralie Ginette Colon Quiñones

    That's so stupid… he didn't eat a whopper he just ate cheese…

    • CapitanInsano

      You want some whopper with that cheese?

    • Michelle

      That's not even good cheese, that shit just tastes like plastic.

    • Kaiwatha

      and then he had pancreatitis…

  • Zuperx

    No pickles!!!!! U r crazy

    • Clint Bozic

      I also ask for mayo. This guy IS crazy

    • Katie

      #6 Pickle

  • Richard

    "I ordered a DIET coke with that!"

    • dumb americans

      american logic.

      • Duh

        Is sarcasm strictly American? Do other countries not understand humor?

      • Canadian Chivette

        Love how he wasn't even American. Turns out Americans aren't the only fat asses

  • Liong

    <img src=>scary cheese monster, The monster got zapped by a flying saucer<img src=> 🙂

  • Snookums

    This post is cheesy

    • kryvian

      I see what you did thar.

  • Brad

    Constipation level: 9000

    • Scott

      Yeah he's gonna have a shitty morning. Well actually probably not

    • guest

      Constipation level if lactose intolerant: -5 trillion

  • Chester

    Hoo Flung Poo?

    • grinage

      no one for a while

  • Trish Sidelko

    Because bowel obstructions are cool…

    • Mr_Taco

      Because you're hot.

      • Trish Sidelko

        Why thank you sir 🙂

      • Ted

        pussy worshipper.

        • Alex

          Ted, just because you like dudes doesn't mean we all do, okay?

        • Trish Sidelko

          How is that comment even relevant?

    • Kevin Stevens

      I 2nd the hotness motion,

      • Trish Sidelko

        🙂 You guys are too sweet.

    • Trav1121

      Cool? Seems like they would be gross and stinky… Oh, I see. What? It is late. Bottomline, cheese guy is interested in the grossest suicide ever!

      • Trish Sidelko

        Lol, I am a huge smart ass. But, it would def be more deadly than gross and stinky. Either way, looks like he had a horrible night. 🙂

  • Kroger_Security

    It aint easy bein cheezy!!

  • berdinene

    what's going on with his hairline?

    • @joe_pec6014

      That's when I knew he was fucked in the head!

    • Mark Palm

      The dude orders and eats a whopper with a 1000 slices of cheese, and the thing you find weird is his hairline?!

      I think I just lost a little faith in humanity…

      • I don't know

        Your profile picture should be on the Herp derp post.

      • MylesofStyles

        Hey Mark! Say hello to your brother Harry for me, will you?

    • Timothy R Harrison

      I was about to say. He def shaved himself a receding hairline.

  • Val

    He just wanted attention! Why not just go out and buy cheese. I wonder if they charged him extra though. Maybe he wanted to prove that they really do make your way! Gross or not :/ (which, this IS gross) lol

    • A BiPolar Guy

      i think you can take it as a given he paid extra. Most places would charge for even one extra slce. cheese is expensive compared to condiments.

  • aussie aussie aussie

    #11 And how much did he pay for this giant pile of shit…….?

    • Richard

      It's not a giant pile of shit…yet.

      • Lex Williams

        that part probly won't come for another week…

    • jimbob

      king sized bung hole order to go

    • Mikentrigger

      Extra cheese usually costs $0.30 usd. So the cheese alone cost 998*.30= $299.40. Average cost of whopper with cheese is About $3.00. So just over $300 for a disgusting lie of imitation cheese.

      • dumb americans

        a disgusting lie of imitation cheese.

        AKA american cheese.

  • Dan

    That reminds me I haven't had a whopper for awhile. I know where I'm going to lunch today.

  • beserker

    wtfff! sick basterds

  • Trav1121

    #12 Are you sure he isn't super smart?? Because he really looks like he is super smart… /facepalm

    • morebeer

      Cause asian?

      • Trav1121

        More cuz of the epic derp face, but asian works too, I s'pose.

  • Cameron Fernandez

    Scrolled through 25 photos asking myself "Where's the beef!?!"

  • joeybastardo

    All I want to say is: Thank God Its not an American for once.

    • okss

      Where in the description does it say he is not American?

      • joeybastardo

        I meant real American.

      • joeybastardo

        Nowhere in the story, but the Japanese street signs kinda gave me a hint. Also to the fuckwagon who pretended to be me, stop it please. thank you.

  • conbradf

    really ??

  • @joe_pec6014

    #18 Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

  • Sanchez

    I hate when the cheese isn't melted…

    • joeybastardo

      It is sweaty though.

  • Mad Hatter

    ROR. I rike rots of reese

  • xyz

    I guess he likes american cheese

  • KewlSpyder

    im pretty sure he has cancer now.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    oh im sorry, it seems theres some burger on your cheese #26

    • Alanawf

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